Story Trumps Structure

story trumps structure
Chapters Indigo

Chapter 1: Desire
Chapter 2: Orientation
Chapter 3: Crisis/Calling
Chapter 4: Escalation
Chapter 5: Discovery
Chapter 6:Change
Chapter 7: Responsiveness
Chapter 8: Emergence
Chapter 9: Awareness
Chapter 10: Twists
Chapter 11: Promises
Chapter 12: Scenes
Chapter 13: Causality
Chapter 14: Believability
Chapter 15: Expectations
Chapter 16: Continuity
Chapter 17: Fluidity
Chapter 18: Polish
Chapter 19: Dilemmas
Chapter 20: Meaning
Chapter 21: Status
Chapter 22: Attitude
Chapter 23: Depth
Chapter 24: Incongruities
Chapter 25: Gimmicks
The End: What We Thought

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