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The End of April Round-up

I was really shocked today to realise how tense I’ve been over the past month. When I looked back in the spreadsheet, most of April was spent on edits, some of them fairly substantial, as I filled in plot holes and rewrote sections that weren’t doing their jobs properly. The knots in my shoulders are still there, and probably will be for a few more days, but the searing pain and the headache are mostly gone now. This is something, obviously, that I will have to plan for in the future–I did the same thing with Bite Me Tender, but it wasn’t so bad since BMT is about a thirds the length of Knight.

Speaking of BMT, I’m being torn in two directions with that little series. I have the first 2500 words or so of the next one written, but the scene where Glyn and Levi first meet walked in, sat down and put its feet up on the table today. While I was in the shower. And no, I didn’t feel ogled at all, until Glyn’s dad decided to add his two cents worth. If eyes were octopi, that’s what it felt like. So I’ll be setting up a third planner in that binder in Liquid Story Binder, to keep these little ideas alive. And, I have to say, Glyn was kind of an ass in those days. But so was Levi. Ah, heck, they both still are. At least Levi looks trainable–I’m not sure I could say that about Glyn.

So, here’s my wordcounts, for both March and April. Thank you for helping keep me honest. There’s days I might not write, if it wasn’t for the end of month confessional. πŸ˜›

March Word counts 2013

April word counts

See all the gray? That’s editing, if there’s a number in there. If it’s empty, that’s a day I didn’t write, for whatever reason. Sometimes, just because I’m too darn tired. The occassional recharge seems to be a necessity, no matter how much I feel like I’m wasting the time.

Must go, laundry to fold, old episodes of MASH to watch. Man, I love that show. What a bunch of people just like the people I hang out with!

March Word Count

March Word counts 2013

So, this is what March looked like. I’m pretty happy–I almost got to three times my planned word goal! It makes a big difference when you’re rolling down the home stretch of a story. I have to update the progress bar for Knight–when I shut LSB down last night, it clocked in at 91, 527 words. It’ll be a few more already because I’ve added some this morning to fill out a section of the last chapter that wasn’t quite done. I think I’ll stick to shorter pieces for a while. Knight was a fantastic experience and I certainly want to write more about Ben and Ross, but I’m feeling a bit frazzled.

And…EDITING THE LAST CHAPTER!!!! Can we get a happy dance here? Woohoo! Then the only thing left is to go through beta comments and fix what they notice. This down time will give me a chance to get further along on the Goodreads story, finish the synopsis and get my query together.

The work never ends. But it’s not really work when you enjoy what you’re doing. πŸ™‚