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Tuesday Tickle: Flesh Market

Working away on this, still. I’m going to have to take a day or two away soon, because I’ve been invited to provide some text for Naked Girls Reading. Which is exactly like what it sounds–naked girls reading from novels, short stories, articles, whatever, for 8-10 minutes at a time.

Leo and one of the bad guys are going hunting for teenagers to traffic, and Leo to make a meet with the agent who’s going to back him up.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“We’ll just cruise a bit. Try the parks, the Mall.”

“Not the shopping malls?”

“Maybe if there’s no luck in the open. Can be hard to get them out of those buildings.”

Leo nodded and looked out the window. He needed to get them over to the shopping mall on Pennsylvania Avenue for early evening.

DeGraff grinned. “You’re thinking about getting your tickets, aren’t you?”

Leo shrugged and stared stonily out the window. DeGraff chuckled and left him alone.

Tuesday Tickle: Flesh Market

I’m going to stick with that title until someone makes me change it. I’ve also discovered that I can compile my synopsis in Scrivener, which is AWESOME! So I can write it up as I’m working on the chapter, and then just…compile it at the end. 😀   So far, I’ve compiled it three times, just because I can.

I had a really hard time trying to figure out what to post today. I’ve been working back and forth–this book really wants to be written backwards, which is awkward, since the critique group insists on some sort of order that is relatively chronologic.  So, this is from fairly early in the story, a quick introduction to Julian, and his roommate David (who doesn’t figure much in this story, but may have his own, someday). The backstory here is that David is kinky and Julian is not, and it just didn’t work, but they stayed friends. This is the night that Julian’s part in the operation kicks into gear.

Dave laughed, then sobered. “Be careful out there. This scares me.”

“You don’t think I can do it?”

“I think if anyone can do it, you can. I’m just worried about what you’ll do to yourself to win.”

“It’s not about winning—”

“With you, it’s all about winning. Why do you think—Oh, never mind.”

“No, spit it out.” Someone knocked on their door. “Damn. What, Dave?”

David glanced at the door. “Just remember all the things I taught you, before we figured out you were the anti-sub.”

“I know, stay away from the holy lube.” Julian put his hand on the doorknob, then pulled David into a hug. “I’ll be careful. And I’m just there to be camouflage for the real agent. Nothing serious will happen to me.”

“Promise me.”

“I promise.” Julian hugged him again for good measure, then opened the door.

“Hello, Julian.” It was SSA Harrow.

Some bad puns in there, and a weird movie homage. My brain does strange things when I don’t keep an eye on it.

Tuesday Tickle: the Double Lives Call

Still trying to come up with a title. Maybe the Birds and I will take a shot at it and you all can chime in in the comments. No Birds this week, due to Defcon 5 level foul moods in the nest, or next week, because Zoe is gone to a horror con this weekend and won’t be around for our usual birding time.

And, yes, what the hell is it with me and names that start with L? At least they aren’t all showing up in the same book, lol.

So, here’s my older FBI agent, being introduced to you all. Even my tough guys are nerds… 😛 Who stops for a smoothie on the way to drop a communiqué to their boss?  (And this is so first draft… Literally written tonight, no editing, no read through. I know, I shouldn’t. Bad author. *smack*)

The teenager behind the counter popped a plastic top onto the cup and poked a straw through into olive green slurry inside. “Here you go,” she said cheerfully and slid it across the counter.

“Thanks,” he replied, sipping a bit and stuffing a dollar into her tip jar.

She smiled even more brightly and chirped, “Thank you!”

Leo took his cup of mixed yogurt and water-soluble vitamins and wandered down the mall toward the lotto booth. Off to one side, a thin man with lank ashy blond hair put down the dress shoe he was examining far too closely and drifted along in Leo’s wake. There was another as well that Leo was aware of, but that man was behind him now and out of his peripheral vision.

It used to be that just one would tail him on his trips to the mall or the bookie’s, but lately the bosses had been sending two men to shadow him on every jaunt.

Not his real bosses at the FBI, but his fake bosses in this human trafficking ring that Leo had infiltrated. After a good six months on the inside, he was convinced it was actually a front for something much more serious. But it was looking like getting the chance to find out what it was Leo was here to give his real bosses a head’s up that his cover was in danger of being blown and that he needed an extraction plan.

He stepped into line at the lotto booth and waited with feigned patience, sipping on his smoothie to pass the time and let him glance around to locate his tails.

Tuesday Tickle: The story with no name

I started this one when I had some weird psychological things to work out, right after hubs passed. I kind of wondered what kind of relationship someone could have if the person they were in love with couldn’t understand emotion. It’s morphed into a thrill set in a middle eastern influenced fantasy world. Don’t look for this one soon, since it’s going to take a fair bit of reading and research to pat it into the shape I want it to be in.

The subtle clink of chains woke Rholid from sleep. He smiled and waited. The room was still dark, though he could see the first graying of the sky through the shutters if he turned his eyes far enough to the left that it bordered on painful. A breeze blew in through the slats, the smell of salt water and rotting seaweed like a gift, a memory of home brought on the breath of the sea gods.

Thaon’s hiss of frustration as he failed to pick the locks on his chains was like another gift, though this had to be from whatever local god protected the lives of the city’s tradesmen from born killers. In the five months since he’d won the slave on what he’d thought was a lucky hand at cards, he’d learned exactly why the young man’s owner had bet so high on a lousy pair of ravens.

“You can’t pick them,” he said aloud into the dawn air. The clinking stopped. Rholid waited to see what tactic Thaon would take this time.

“I don’t like sleeping alone.” Thaon had a beautiful voice, expressive, like the best of entertainers. Right now the emotion it held made Rholid’s heart ache with loneliness and need.

“If I could trust you not to choke me to death in my sleep, you could sleep with me. But I like to live, so you get the floor.”

A sad sigh, and then the chains clanked louder. Rholid rolled over in bed and propped his head up on a pillow. The pale glow of Thaon’s moonlight hair showed over the foot of the bed, though his face remained in shadow.

“I only did it the once. I didn’t know you then,” he complained, crossing his forearms on the straw tick and resting his chin on them. “You’re being very unfair.”

Oh, the things that live in my mind…