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Hey, Look Where Sign of Spring Is!

Sign of spring epubYes, this is my old Goodreads Don’t Read in the Closet story. It’s the story of Robin, a burnt-out palliative care nurse, who takes a road trip to get his groove back, and falls in love with free-wheeling Jack-of-All-Trades Justin. (The poppies on the cover figure strongly in the story.) I’ve finally gotten around to putting it up where people can find it. (It came out while my husband was still sick and I was too distracted to add it to outlets at the time.)

If you were around during the event, you might remember that a group of us got together in a sort of daisy-chain of extra content, where we did interviews, or told stories about our characters. The bonus story at the end of the new edition, Caps with Justin, came from that activity. It’s a quick glimpse into Justin’s mind, on some random night during their road trip.

Anyway, it went live yesterday morning in the free section on Amazon and now it’s at #19 in the Free Kindle Gay Romance section! I see some friends on there too–Chris McHart and Ana J Phoenix, with their Goodreads stories from this year.

If you don’t like Amazon, Sign of Spring is also available at All Romance Ebooks, Kobo, iBooks, and Oyster.

Ebooks of Sign of Spring are available now at Goodreads

It’s available as epub, pdf and prc. The link to the download page can be found in the story’s thread here.

Please stop by the Goodreads MM Romance group and say thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to bring these stories out into the world. It was a huge job and they did it superbly.

My free Goodreads story is up!

You can find it here. Hope you enjoy it and remember:

In fiction, there is no friction…

(Yeah, I took a bit of artistic license. :P)


PS. I’ve updated the books page. Still figuring things out. I think there’s going to be a dropdown menu, and then I’ll also link to the book’s specific page, with all its info, from an image on the main page. I think, if I do it that way, I can put the series in rows. Should probably categorize them, too, eh? Hmm…

Goodreads Sneak Preview and Outtake

The stories will start going up on Goodreads in about a week. We don’t have a schedule yet, but that adds to the fun and surprise of it all.

Last Friday I posted the first part of Sign of Spring in my thread. This week, I posted the first half of an outtake from the story–a piece I started to write while I was noodling around with the idea and trying to figure out how much time it should cover. In the end, despite how much I liked this little scene, I decided to compress the time frame for the actual prompt. Edits on Knight, dealing with a snafu with Bite Me Tender and trying to keep up with the crit groups and a whopping pile of betas put the final nail in the coffin of my idea to make it into a full novel.

But this little fellow wouldn’t go away. In the end, I fleshed it out and it’s now its own 2500 word mini-story, told from Justin’s point of view. I’ll put the rest of it up next week. I call it Caps with Justin. Because I suck at names.

Here’s the first few lines, and a link to the rest on Goodreads…

I knew Robin had never stayed in a hole-in-the-wall motel by the dazed way he looked around the tiny room, with its second-hand furniture and 1970’s style everything. Poor guy, he’s never really lived, has he? That’s why he’s out here, with his broken heart and his fear.

Fretful, is what my mother would have called him. Just before she’d say, ‘You’re only afraid of what you don’t know.’ And then she’d look at me and send the unspoken message, ‘Piss or get off the pot.’

I guess I’m pissin’, because I sure do like this pot.

“I’ll walk down to the corner store,” I told him, dropping a short kiss on his cheek and upending my backpack onto the bed. “Get us some snacks and something to drink. Why don’t you settle in, have a rest. Or, if you’re feeling frisky, you can have a look in the yellow pages and order some supper. Whatever you feel like. I’ll be back in, like, twenty minutes. Maybe less.”

He glanced at me then, and I don’t think he realized how lost he looked. So I kissed him a second time, a little longer and on the lips, because it smoothes out those lines around his mouth and gets his shoulders down from around his ears.

And then I goosed him and ran out the door, laughing.

Read on…

Furface and the Boyler Room are coming along. I’ve been slowed down a bit by a food allergy–I’ve been sleeping a lot because of it and, when I’m awake, I’m not a lot of good. The good news is that the symptoms should pass by tomorrow, and Glyn has finally explained one of his ‘issues’ to me, so now all I have to do is find a way to get it down on paper without sounding like a doofus.

The joys of having characters that are smarter than you are. Meh.

And the 10,000 to 14,000 word stories from Goodreads

There’s mine, in the blue!!  Getting excited, and nervous. It’s the usual “What if they hate it?” multiplied by the 10,000 members in the group. At least with a publisher, only one person sees how much you suck.

Contemporary – 10,300
* , m/m/m , athlete , college , first-time , bullying , homophobia ,

Contemporary – 10,500
* , cop , blue collar , lawyer , men with pets , family drama , finding a family ,

Contemporary – 11,000
* , friends to lovers , hurt/comfort , cute , accident prone MC , unethical boss , college internship , HEA

Contemporary – 11,200
* , first time , coming out , disabilities , men with pets , over age 40 , ,

Paranormal – 12,000
* , college , barely legal , public activity , shifters , interspecies , soul mates/bonded

Contemporary – 12,200
* , Young Adult , cross dressing , coming of age , , , , , , ,

Contemporary – 12,800
* , fraternity , college , in the closet , gymnast , athlete , masturbation , geek , nerd , virgin , new adult

Historical – 13,200
* , military , bdsm , age-gap , oral , anal , , , ,

Contemporary – 13,200
* mention of suicide , new adult , first time , coming of age , friends to lovers , reunited , YA characters , , , ,

Historical – 13,200
* , time travel , sideshow , snakes , magic , phychic ability , antropomorphic , non-explicit ,

Contemporary – 13,300
* , law enforcement , stripper , undercover , booklovers , pole dancing ,

Contemporary – 13,400
* , historical , present , brother in law , widower , instalove , first time , family , full life , loss ,

Contemporary – 13,500
* , Young Adult , coming of age , barely legal , first time , hurt comfort , homophobia , , , ,

Contemporary – 14,300
* , road trip , ptsd , outdoor sex , car sex , nurse , , , , ,

Contemporary – 14,900
* , athelete , sweet sex , enemies to lovers , sports , coming out , , , , ,

Paranormal – 14,900
* apparent rape , dub con , angels,demons/gods , spacemen aliens , shifter , pirates , enemies to Lovers , revenge , redemption , ,

Working on the steampunk today, but planning a bit more for Furface. Looks like there’ll be another one after Furface too–I ended up splitting out a plotline, or the thing would have been too big. And, to be honest, it makes for better stories this way.  I’m enjoying how fast the werewolf story feels like it’s going, as compared to the steampunk. I know part of that is the length, but part of it too is the amount of stopping to look something up I have to do with the Boyler Room Boys. Not complaining–it’s part of the attraction of writing, the chance to follow whims of curiosity. But every time I stop to look something up, I feel guilty because I’m not making new words.

Dumb kitty, silly kitty, fluffy little…..

This is a drive-by blogging

I’m pretty sure the edits are done on Knight. I’m halfway through the synopsis and more than halfway to being bald. How on earth do you condense 95,000 words down to 1500? Without sounding like a moron? By the time I’m done cutting out every word I can think of, it’s going to sound like caveman grunts and worm farts. 😀 Yeah, I’m just that classy.

Sign of Spring’s been put on hold all weekend, while I worked through the last of my feedback on Knight and started working on the synopsis. I’m going to give Knight a break tomorrow, and give myself permission to ‘play’ with my poppy boys. (Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! No, wait, that’s where I live. Come back here!) Hope to get them into the flower garden tomorrow, plus I have to interview them again for the Threadhop. And work on their cover.

Anyone out there have any experience with cloning?