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Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

Here`s my back yard:


Yes, the fogginess is not the camera–that’s snow.

Here’s my old rescue pony:


Dude, you’re thirty years old! You should know by now to keep all appendages within the barn during a snowstorm! And it’s never a good idea to open the barn door in the middle of the night, when the unfurry mom is not there to close it again. Look at the mess you made!

But it’s not all a bad thing. My bathroom sparkles, the laundry is folded (though, sadly, the housework fairy has failed to fly in and put it away–I’m assuming she’s having weather related travel issues as well) and we had a power outage. Why is a power outage a good thing?

My laptop battery is pretty old and feeble, so I had to power through the edits on Nuts About You before it kicked the bucket on me. Therefore, apart from waiting to hear back from the last of my betas, the only thing left is to format according to Storm Moon Press’ submission instructions, and click send. Yay for me! And, while I was waiting for a fresh delivery of mobile electrons, I also filled in a quasi-outline for the rest of Knight and started filling one in for If/Then. And now, Marcel (secondary character) makes me nervous. I’m a little worried that I might be Mary Sue-ing on that one, but I’m not sure that I’m annoyed enough with anyone right now to do that to them (except possibly my insurance agent, but that’s another story). And anyway, what’s the point of writing if you can’t redshirt a few people that annoy you, right? I wouldn’t do it in real life.

Technology isn’t nearly advanced enough yet. >:D

Oh, and apologies for missing my usual Sunday post–massive sinus headache all day long, to the point where I skipped supper and was in bed at 8 pm. Hubs knew I had to be sick–I never turn down food.

Happy storm day to those enjoying a surprise reprieve from work! Condolences to those who had the darn thing happen on a holiday. What a waste of a good storm.

Kitty, eyeing the cookies and hot chocolate

Nuts to You has gone to the betas! And talking about The Flesh Cartel

Which is ever so much better than going to the dogs! Although Erika does tend to chew on the edges of the manuscript–or maybe that’s her zombie king? I should ask–I’d hate to get zombie cooties, even if he is kinda cute, in a rotten, probably leave unidentifiable bits and pieces caught in the sheets kind of way.

We’re supposed to get a storm this weekend. I have lots of books I should be reading. The Druid Stone is currently cued up on my Kobo. Another Heidi Belleau cowrite. It’s freaked me out a little already. And I still want to read more–this lady has a talent for balancing squick with ‘I need to know more’.

How do I know this? Well, dammit, she and Rachel Haimowitz have hooked me on The Flesh Cartel.
This serial has to be the weirdest, twist your brain into a pretzel and make you like it thing I’ve read in a long time. There’s four out now, with the fifth one slated to come out in March.

And, God help me, I’ve pre-ordered it.

Because it’s disturbing. The ladies walk a fine line through the whole thing. The only time they really went over it for me was during the second part of the serial, but they quickly got it back on track. I have to admit, I almost stopped after the second one. But I was so damn worried about those boys–I had to know they would be alright.

So, even though I’m sure the ladies’ ears were burning as I did it, when the third one came out, I was right there to buy it.

Now, huge warning, huge trigger alert. This is not a series for the faint of heart. It will shred your emotions and leave you exhausted afterwards. And, you will want to keep reading. The Song of Ice and Fire addiction is nothing to this.

March 4. And it’s on pre-order, so I get it two days early. Whether my heart can handle it, I don’t know…