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Tuesday Tickle: Kev ‘n Mo

A trip down memory lane, to those halcyon days of the first week of university…

“Hi—oh.” Kev grinned, and tried to hide it by cupping his chin in his hand with his fingers over his mouth. “Frosh Night was a little too much for him?”

“Yeah. Can you open his room for us so we can put him to bed?”

“Sure. He’s in four-twelve. If you want to start down, I’ll be right behind you.” The blond ducked back into his room and was back before they’d gone more than five feet. In one hand, he held a card-key. In the other, his wastepaper basket. At Mo’s curious look, the blond shrugged and smiled. “In case he doesn’t make it to his room.”

Mo laughed. “Good thinking.”

“That’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

They made it to the guy’s room without incident, and got him undressed and tucked into bed. The blond guy put the room’s wastebasket on the floor beside the head of the bed, then turned his empty one upside down and put on the floor by the bed. He pulled the guy’s leg out of the bed and rested the foot on top of the bucket.

“Helps with the spins if you’ve got a foot on something your body thinks is the floor. Might keep him from throwing up all over.”

“I never knew that.”

“You learn interesting things living in Bedlam.”

“Maybe someone should stay with him.”

“I’ll check on him on my rounds, and get the other RA to do the same. Hopefully his roommate isn’t in the same condition.”

“He looked a lot steadier when I left.”

“Good. One’s enough.”

They left, closing the door behind them. Mo held out his hand. “We’ve already kind of met, but I’m Mo.”
“I’m Kevin. Kev, actually.” He shook Mo’s hand. “I’m sorry, where did we meet?”

“You got me checked in here, the first day.”

“Oh, right, sorry. We see a lot of first years that first day. So, nice to meet you again.”

I’m suffering from a serious temptation to put the beer tree in.

Oh, why not? 😀

Tuesday Tickle: Kev ‘n Mo

Kev pulled into the parking lot and held his breath as he hunted a decent parking spot. The best ones were right at the end of the building where the back doors were, or on the edge, in the shade of the trees that dotted the campus.

Score! He tucked his seven-year-old Mazda into the rim of shade thrown by a big horse chestnut between Badlam Hall and Truford Residence. He glanced up at Badlam’s brick and steel facade, and couldn’t help a silent wish that he’d be assigned as Residence Assistant somewhere else this year. If he was going to get the marks he needed in order to get into the Fourth Year Honors, he couldn’t be dealing with the crap that went on in there. One year in ‘Bedlam’ was enough.

Andrews would be wonderful. Small, mostly older students who had their eye on a Master’s degree, just like him. He should be so lucky. Kev crossed his fingers, then uncrossed them because that was a silly childhood superstition that didn’t change anything. But, as he shouldered his backpack and locked the car, he self-consciously crossed them again, just in case.

I can hear Ana’s dun dun dun! already…

Tuesday Tickle: Kev ‘n Mo

The Bedlam–I mean, Badlam Hall residence assistants are having supper and talking about things that college kids talk about…

Paul raised his glass in salute. “There were a more than average number of cute ones.”

Dawn snorted. “Really? That’s what you were looking at? I saw a couple that we’re probably going to have to keep a closer eye on.”

“Oh my God, the parents of one of them, that guy with the reddish hair… I bet he’s going to be drunk all week, if he can find anyone to buy for him.”

“There’s a couple of girls I’m thinking the same thing about.” Dawn pulled a small coil-bound notebook out of her pocket. “I made notes.”

“Of course you did. Mom.”

“Fuck you.”

“Right now? I’m game. Table or floor?”

She scowled and flicked a forkful of peas at him. “Don’t be a sexist ass.”

Paul pointed at Dawn with his chicken leg. “Bradon has a MILF fetish. You’re going to need to put a bit of gray in your hair if you plan to keep him.”

Kev put his fork down and shot a glance around the table. “Guys, I’m trying to eat. Stop putting nasty pictures in my brain.”

Bradon held his hands up in a defensive motion. “Hey, there’s some good-looking moms running around here right now.”

“I’m not saying there isn’t. It’s the idea of your hairy butt hanging out in the open while I’m trying to finish my lasagna that’s making me queasy.”

The whole table laughed and Larissa poked Kev in the ribs. “Can’t have that, scrawny-man. Eat. I’ll make sure Bradon keeps his mouth shut.” She paused and then, with a wicked smile, asked, “So, you didn’t notice any cute dads running around? Would that be a FILF fantasy?”

Kev put his fork down and finished his coffee. “Okay, I’m done. There isn’t enough brain-bleach.”

“You wait until you’re a practicing psychologist, listening to everyone’s secret fantasies. You’ll be thanking us for the practice, getting a strong stomach.” She grabbed his arm and made him sit down again. “Eat. We’ll be good, promise.” She directed a glare around the table.”

Kev smiled and picked up a forkful of lasagna. “Yes, Mom.”


Tuesday Tickle: Kev ‘n Mo

I’ve ported this story into Scrivener and I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes. (After I finish the squirrel…) Of course, once I started the copying and pasting, I had to play with it a little, and then I wanted to share a little with you…

I love Mo. 🙂

“Here goes nothing.” Mo found a parking spot as close as he could get, and made the trek into the building, looking for the foyer and the fabled residence assistants. Someone pointed him at a set of stairs, and soon he found himself in a large room with a white tiled floor, white walls, and a couple of dark blue couches that looked in pretty good shape.

A row of cheap folding tables stretched across the room, five young men and three young women in bright blue t-shirts seated behind it. The tables were covered with stacks of paper, and students and their parents were lined up in front of each of them, waiting their turn to check in with varying degrees of patience.

Mo joined a line in front of one of the guys, a slim blond with an open, friendly face. While he waited, Mo played a ‘guess the major’ with himself. The blond looked like an English-type guy. The sandy-haired girl beside him was probably an Art History major—she had that nose in a book look to her. The guy next to her was dark and good-looking—probably Business. Or maybe…did Thorbourne have a Theatre program? He’d make a great ‘good cop’. Or ‘bad cop’.

Yummy cop.

The next guy was definitely there on a sports scholarship.

Ho hum. He didn’t do well standing in line; he like to be doing things. At least they were moving pretty quickly—now only two people stood between him and whatever it was he needed to do to find his room and get his stuff unpacked.

One person ahead of him now. Mo could see the other people sitting at the table. Lumberjack guy, science guy, computer geek guy, computer geek girl, library dude. There, that was everyone sorted and labeled.

Fuck, he must be tired. He was channeling his mother.