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Tuesday Tickle: Je Veux…

My bad. I’m on ‘sort of’ vacation and I forgot what day of the week it is.

Today’s tickle comes somewhere around chapter 5 or 6, depending on what my subconscious decides.(Hey, we all know who’s running the show here, right?)Matt is John’s older-by-quite-a-bit half-brother. John is the guiltily-sneaking-into-the-house-after-being-out-all-night younger brother.

Matt was waiting for John when he got home.

“Do you know what time it is? Why didn’t you answer your phone?”

“Sorry, I had to turn it off in the ER and I forgot.” John hung his house keys on their hook in the entryway and slid past Matt, heading for the basement stairs.

“John, I’m not done talking to you!”

“Matt, I’m late and I have study group in less than an hour. You want to yell at me later, feel free. But not now, ok?” He turned to go when a tug at his collar stopped him.

“You get this in the ER?” The sarcasm in Matt’s tone stopped him and his stomach plummeted, remembering teeth gripping his skin as Phane’s voice purred in his ear. “I thought you knew better than that. I thought you were better than that.”

John turned around, knocking Matt’s hand away from his collar. “Matt, leave it alone. I’m a grown man and I can make my own decisions.”

Matt sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “John, you’re a smart guy. You’re smarter than me and and Danny combined. Don’t throw it all away on a pretty face and money.” He gripped John’s shoulder tightly. “You’re my brother. I want what’s best for you. I’m just worried this will turn into another Martin.”

“He’s nothing like Martin.”

“He’s tramp with no morals. It’s just a different flavor of jerk…

Still pretty first-drafty, but is anyone getting the idea that John’s family are down-to-earth, responsible, never-break-a-rule kind of people?


It’s a lot like baseball…

Writing, that is. Long periods of sitting around waiting for something to happen, punctuated by short periods of intense “oh, my God, I must get this done”. And, in the meantime, keeping up with the daily grind of getting words down on new work.

I’m still trying to finish the Christmas story I started with the idea of sending it in for Dreamspinner’s Advent Calendar, but the world keeps shouldering its way into my writing time. It’s almost done, probably no more than five hundred words away, but, getting in the Christmas spirit in June is an interesting exercise in self-hypnosis. My husband gave me some funny looks this morning when he looked over my playlist–Straight No Chaser’s Christmas album, Jim Reeves, A Very Special Christmas. He didn’t say much, but he didn’t need to.

He thinks I’m nuts. (He’s right.) Once I get this finished, I need to point my subconscious at the genderfluid angel story and see what I can kick loose. Hoeing weeds in hub’s market garden today shook one idea free. I probably need a few words down before I can tease any more threads loose.

Working on the bisexual rock star story and playing with a new technique, which may be a bit beyond my capabilities at the moment. I’ve got two characters, from very different backgrounds, who have very different vocabulary sets as a result. How much of that vocabulary to allow bleed into the narrative for each POV is a more delicate balancing act than I had anticipated. It’ll be totally cool if I can pull it off, though.

And into the middle of all that, edits for Bite Me Tender dropped into my mailbox, with a requested return of Monday morning. Eek! Add into it, my editor is evil plotbunny fodder and conversations with her inevitably result in me hiding in the corner in the ‘nuclear explosion’ position, hoping the bunnies get bored and go away.

It never works.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and lots of words, both written and read. And sunshine.

Tuesday Tickle, an Apology and an Update

rockstar sunburstSorry for the blackout this weekend. I woke up Saturday morning, turned on the computer and…nothing. The fan started, lights came on, but the screen was dead. Of course, the technicians don’t work on weekends, so it was yesterday before I got confirmation that the motherboard was fried, and today before I could get my data transferred over. To say I panicked is an understatement. I was able to do some work this weekend, but no writing, because the desktop computer is so dilapidated it can barely handle having a browser with two tabs open. But I’ve got a nice new little Toshiba now and things should start rolling along. Windows 8 is weird, though.

The update is that the promo forms and the cover art forms for Bite Me Tender have gone back to LI, so that ball is rolling now. I have a tentative release date (much sooner than I expected!) but I don’t know yet if I’m allowed to reveal it. Trust me, all the world will hear when I get the nod to go live with that. Oh, and still no word when Sign of Spring if coming out. I’m suffering from pre-release author paranoia and worrying that they lost it and don’t realize.

And, for the Tickle, I thought I’d throw out a the very beginning of the rockstar romance, since I’m picking away at that one, too. There’s a call in the autumn that this story might suit very well, so I hauled it out, brushed the boys off (Phane enjoyed that much more than John, but that’s not my problem, 🙂 ) and tidied up the first couple of chapters.

So, here we are, our first sight of John, my lovingly uptight little med student and all around good boy who’d like to be just a little bad.

Izzy pulled another pair of jeans off the rack as John was talking to the clerk working the fitting rooms.

“Try these, too,” she told him, piling them on top of the pairs draped over his arm.

John fished the tag out of the pocket and whistled at the price. “I don’t think so, Izzy. Starving student, remember?”

She tched at him, pulled one long brown curl out to its full length, then let it snap back into its usual corkscrew. “Two more years, you’ll either be a really successful pediatric resident, or you’ll be opening your own practice. I think you can afford a pair of jeans.”

John tried to give the pants to her to put back, but she pushed them into his arms again.

“Izzy, they cost an entire evening’s tips! No way I’m spending that much on a pair of jeans.”

She raised her eyebrows at him. “I didn’t realize rockstars and movie tycoons were such bad tippers. And the jeans aren’t that expensive—maybe an hour’s worth of tips.”

He laughed. “Izzy, the jeans are too darn expensive.”

“How are you going to snag your Hottie-without-a-Name if you don’t put yourself out there? For a gay guy, you really are obtuse.”

“He has a name, I’m just not telling you what it is.”

Izzy pushed him toward the fitting rooms. “Go try them on. Trust me. Auntie Izzy will make sure you get laid.”

John laughed, half amusement and half embarrassed shock. “I’m not looking to get laid, Izzy. I just think he’s—nice.”

“Yeah, and vascular disease gives everyone a boner during study group. John, it’s time you did something about this or you’re going to end up drifting off during an exam and passing in some eyebrow raising answers.”

Don’t worry, Izzy comes back through the story. She’s kinda fun, isn’t she?

A funny thing happened…

I had a plot bunny. Oh, it’s not a new bunny. In fact, this bunny is pretty near a year old now. There’s been a few words already allocated to it, in fact. So, why am I talking about my geriatric bunny?

Well, Riptide just announced an open call for October. Now, I know you’ve got to be thinking, “Didn’t she already send something there?” And, yes, you’re right, I did. But, what if that story isn’t right for them? So, as I was wandering around the website, I stumbled across the bio for the submissions editor, Sarah Frantz. And this bunny started waving its grizzled, ancient paw and squeaking, “Pick me, pick me!” Because, you know, it’s something she may like. It won’t push all her buttons (and, I have to tell you, the plot bunny inspired by that list currently resides in an electrified cage, with razor wire and guard dogs to keep it in, ’cause no. Just no. Not until I clear the decks a little). But it will hit a few. Well, one, for sure.

So I’m still working on the Christmas stories, but I spent this morning going over the first three chapters of ancient bunny and, you know what? It’s not half bad. Well, I think it’s not bad. We’ll see what the crit group and the beta readers think about it.

Gonna be a fun old summer. Wonder how the laptop will handle days at the beach?

Oh, and Jena Wade’s story Strip, Please, is up at Goodreads. And Kimber Vale’s story Sticking It is available for download. Happy Friday reading!

Tuesday Tickle: A Little More Rock and Roll: Je Veux…

Real life and some recalcitrant characters played hob with MC Hana’s intention to join the VIB blog hop, but she’s finally wrangled her men into some sort of order and dug out from the snow. So here’s her random Bunch o’ Facts About MC.

Last week, we saw John’s sister-in-law’s reaction to John’s piercings. But, how does our young French man view them?

“Beautiful,” he heard Phane whisper, as the man’s mouth returned to John’s and his hands slipped John’s dress shirt off his shoulders. Phane used his tongue to good advantage, teasing John and encouraging him to respond in kind. What had been awkward and almost scripted with Martin became a sensual dance and John gave himself up to the novelty of it.

Meanwhile, Phane’s hands had been roaming under John’s t-shirt, gradually moving upwards, from the thin skin of his waist and belly, climbing towards his chest. John felt it, when Phane’s nimble fingers found his nipples and the rings in them. The other man froze for an instant, then withdrew with a look on his face, halfway between startled and amused.

Before John could stop him, Phane stripped the t-shirt up and over John’s head, tossing it carelessly behind him.

“Waow!” he said, sounding very french and  grinning appreciatively at the small gold rings shining in John’s nipples.

John flushed, moving instinctively to cover them.

“No, don’t,” Phane begged, pushing John’s hands down again. He reached out and ran the fingers of one hand lightly over John’s breast, tugging gently on the ring as he stroked past it. “That’s so hot.  And—inattendu?. I would never have guessed.” He smiled as he leaned in to kiss John again, tongue and lips playing gently with John’s mouth. “I want to hear the story behind that.”

Some days, I feel bad for my poor, rather self-conscious med student. Then I look at my mental image of Phane and plan even more horrible things to do to him. ‘Cause day-um! Yeah, some days, I’m just not nice.

Tuesday Tickle: A Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll: Je veux…

So, I figure it’s time to meet the rockstar, or at least, the soon to be Love-of-His-Life. Je veux… is the story of farmboy from Iowa, who moved away to Los Angeles six years ago with the dream of becoming a doctor, and a French Canadian rockstar from the wrong side of the tracks who really needs someone who’ll love him despite who he keeps trying to be. (There, if that didn’t confuse you, go to the head of the class. :P)

This one’s been interesting to write because I’m playing a lot of different themes off each other. John’s an introverted workaholic with a secret crush and problems balancing his career goals with his personal life. Phane’s an extraverted workaholic with a secret crush and a cripplingly poor idea of his value to others. They’re endearingly shy with each other, in their own way.

So, meet John Carver, second year med student. He has a family. They drive him nuts. And if any of my relatives are reading, these characters are all fictional. Really.

PS. Martin is John’s ex, who didn’t make it into med school and, well, that relationship went down the tubes afterwards. Izzy is a fellow med student and study partner. Lana is John’s sister-in-law. She’s a hoot–that’ll be a story to write someday…

Lana had already crossed the basement family room and was rummaging through the drawers of his dresser, crammed into what little space had still existed in the miniscule bedroom after his bed and his books had been moved into it. He’d helped them build it during the summer after Martin, when he’d found himself sleeping on their couch because he couldn’t bear the idea of meeting the man again, even to get the rest of his things. Izzy and the crew had done that for him, too.

“Well, for a gay man, you have nothing to wear. Were you standing in the wrong line when they passed that out?”

“I have better things to do with my time, like memorize cranial nerves. Lana, just let it go—Matt`s going to have kittens.”

She spotted the new t-shirt balled up on the floor. “Oh, what’s this?” She picked it up and shook it out, holding it at arm’s length to get a good look at it.

“Oh, this is the one! The colour is perfect” She held it out imperiously towards him and motioned for him to take off the black t-shirt.

“No, Lana, it’s too tight.” God forbid she found out why exactly he preferred his t-shirts a bit loose.

“Johnny, you have a nice body, you keep yourself in shape. You need to show off your assets if you want to catch this guy’s eye.”

“Lana, there is no guy, will you let go…?!” He ducked and twisted, but she was fast and had twitched his t-shirt up under his arms before he could get away, exposing his chest to her view.

“Oh. My. God,” she said, a look of shocked hilarity on her face. “Does Matt know about those?”

John grimaced and pulled the front of the t-shirt down to cover his piercings. “No, and you’re not going to tell him, right?”

“Not on your life. And it would be your life, too, if he found out. I love your brother, Johnny, but there are some things he’s just not reasonable about. Here, try this on.”

Yep. Family. Can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em. Right, Babi?

Hope you enjoyed the tickle. I’ll be back next week with something else.

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