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Tuesday Tickle: Five-Alarm Blaze

My firefighter, paramedic, genie short. Lol. The Erotica writers of Absolute Write are at it again–another anthology to support the forum. This time, we’re working on the colours red, blue, green, and black. I’m thinking about throwing another one in for black, but it’s a side-story from something else I’m working on and I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet.

So, Cody doesn’t know he’s purchased a genie in a dusty old bottle. He washes it and…

“Damn soap.” He rinsed the bottle off, dried the stopper, and braced it between his knees. This time, the stopper slid out easily. Too easily, because he nearly punched himself in the face. Standing straight again, he turned the stopper over and frowned at the foggy crystal.

“Well, you didn’t think I was going to let you open it while it was in the sink, do you? That would be all I’d need—a century of being stuck in my bottle, ended by the equivalent of a biblical flood. With soap. Yuck.”

Cody dropped the bottle and spun around. The bottle hit the floor, but instead of breaking, it bounced twice and settled sturdily on its base. He looked up from that amazing circumstance to see something even more amazing.

Standing in the middle of his kitchen was a man. A short, slender man wearing a bright orange shirt that stopped inches above the waist of his ragged skinny jeans and, incongruously, a pair of two hundred dollar sneakers. His scorching red hair was clipped on one side and long enough on the other to fall over his eyes. The guy grinned and waved cheerily at him. “Well, maybe not entirely a century. Sure felt like it, though. Boring in there.”

Tuesday Tickle: The Super Sekrit Project

Involving a firefighter, a paramedic, and–at some point in the story–a genie with a touch of pyromania. And maybe, if you’re very good, I’ll tell you where it’s headed.

Later. 😀

Gene walked out of the bunkroom with his overnight bag and dropped it behind the couch. He picked an apple out of the bowl on the counter and took a bite before asking, “You still okay to go digging through the antique shops with me this morning?”

“Sure. You know what you want?”

“I don’t know, exactly. Maybe a table, or a jewelry box? Man, I hate shopping for anniversary presents. But it’s ten years, now, and if I don’t make it a good one, I’ll be fighting for space in the doghouse for the next ten.”

Cody tapped his nose and nodded wisely. “That’s why I never got married.”

“You say that now, but I bet when the right girl comes along you’ll change your tune.”

The clock said five minutes to seven now and Cody’s stomach gave a little flutter.

Seth walked in. The flutter in Cody’s stomach turned into full blown nervous twitches and he turned his back on the man to hide his reaction. He’d always thought he was straight, until two months ago. Until the day Seth, with his blond hair and lean, compact body had transferred to Cody’s station. Now, every time he saw the man, his body bluntly informed him that he wasn’t nearly as straight as he’d thought.