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Another Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries Update

Our great leader, Jen, posted a list of some of the longer stories that have been turned in so far. Here’s what she showed us, along with the content tags that go along with them:

Historical- 32,000
some violence,
knights spies/secret agents, action suspense, adventure, explicit sex, first time, twinks, cross dressing, abduction/kidnapping, domestic abuse, friends to lovers, revenge, road trip, europe

Urban Fantasy- 34,600
husky shifters, family drama, humourous, sweet, men with children, fugly spiders

Fantasy- 39,500
dub-con, sorcerer, angels, demons, gods magic-users, soulmates or bonded, dubious consent, snarky banter

Paranormal- 40,600
fantasy, fae/fey/fairies, vampire, disabilities

Dystopia- 46,900
master/slave, bdsm, menage m/m/m, explicit sex, three some, cross dressing, bondage/discipline, acrobat, contortionist

Contemporary- 52,300
bdsm, bears, blue collar, fetsih-toys, grief

Fantasy- 103,800
History of past abuse, self harm
mage/sorcerer, first time, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, magic users, ptsd

Can you say Holy Crap?! Over 100,000 words in that last one!!!! So, go on, get yourself over there and join the group–maybe we can talk Jen into posting one of these lovelies. I think I recognize the Dystopian one and the one with the Knights, and I can tell you they will both be worth the read.

Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries Update

So, we got the word today that, so far, 60 stories have been turned in–just about a third of them. The average length is just over 15,000 words. And we are only 30 members short of another early release! So, if you haven’t joined the group yet, please do, so we can have a sneak preview of the loveliness to come!

Just a reminder that Madison Parker is posting tonight, and that I’ll be posting again tomorrow night on the thread. The next question on the hop is “Where would you be most likely to accidentally run into your MC?” And Robin is getting seriously annoyed with me. πŸ˜€

In writing news, despite the flu symptoms that will not go away, I’ve managed a thousand words on Furface and hope to tack another 500 onto the Boyler Room Boys. It’s hard to focus when you’re not comfortable, but we’ll get there. All sorts of shenanigans and Glyn being Glyn going on. And Levi being Levi. And the return of Connor…

This is a drive-by blogging

I’m pretty sure the edits are done on Knight. I’m halfway through the synopsis and more than halfway to being bald. How on earth do you condense 95,000 words down to 1500? Without sounding like a moron? By the time I’m done cutting out every word I can think of, it’s going to sound like caveman grunts and worm farts. πŸ˜€ Yeah, I’m just that classy.

Sign of Spring’s been put on hold all weekend, while I worked through the last of my feedback on Knight and started working on the synopsis. I’m going to give Knight a break tomorrow, and give myself permission to ‘play’ with my poppy boys. (Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! No, wait, that’s where I live. Come back here!) Hope to get them into the flower garden tomorrow, plus I have to interview them again for the Threadhop. And work on their cover.

Anyone out there have any experience with cloning?

Goodreads excerpt is up and the Threadhop Begins

So far, I’ve posted a little sexy and, today, a little conflict. Enjoy the boys and don’t forget to follow the links in each post, to see what each author is up to. The content of the threadhop post changes each week, but authors may also post snippets randomly, as they please.


Happy reading!


Blurb for the Poppy boys

I’m going to post this over on Goodreads too. If you want to follow the threadhop when it starts tomorrow night, here’s the link.
My Goodreads Thread Link

Here’s the blurb. It’s still kind of rough–I just did it this morning. I’m not sure how long it’s going to end up-right now, it’s at about 6200 words, but there’s a bit to go yet. We’ll have to see what the boys have to say for themselves as the story progresses. πŸ˜€


We’ve all heard those stock phrases. “When one door closes, another opens.” “There’s always a silver lining.” “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

But, what if you’re the lemon?

After crashing and burning at his job in the Palliative Care Unit, a young nurse takes a cross-country road trip, hoping a break from his routine will be the transfusion he needs to heal his bruised heart. What he doesn’t expect is to fall head over heels in love with a chance met acquaintance, a man who lives in the moment, treating each day as an adventure.

An idyllic afternoon in a field of poppies leads to confessions by both men, but can their relationship survive the return to reality? Are the poppies a symbol of death, or a sign of rebirth?

Tonight’s Tuesday Tickle has been Pre-empted by The Awesomely Fantabulous Goodreads Threadhop

Okay, so I got silly the other day and decided I really didn’t have enough work to do. (Yes, I am wearing my dunce cap. How kind of you to notice!) So, I went and organized a thread hop with 6 other writers who are also doing the Love Has No Boundaries write in.

Starting on Friday, April 12th, we are going to play a circular game of Goodreads tag. I’m IT–meet me here on the blog for the link to my first post.

What are we doing? Well, mostly craziness. Each week has a theme, or a question, that the author will post on. The first week is an excerpt from the WIP, to give everyone a taste and an idea of who we’re dealing with. After that, all bets are off and you’ll have to tune in each week, and each day of the week, to find out what the theme is and how our authors and characters are handling it (and let me warn you–some of our authors are characters!)

Who are the victims volunteers? Me, Max Vos, Layla Hunter, Jena Wade, Kimber Vale, Madison Parker, and Jack Pyke.

Here’s the links to the threads if you want to check them out. The authors will also be posting snippets of their stories, randomly, as the event progresses. So, put a sticky note on the computer and remember to start making the rounds come Friday.

Now you have your formal invitation to tune in Friday to see what a dirty, dirty boy my little Robin is.
Kitty, giggling fiendishly