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Tomorrow’s the Day!

Lead Me To You thumbLead Me to You will be live on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! 😛  I hope everyone likes Henry and Jaime as much as I do.

While I wait (and to keep myself from becoming a bundle of nerves), I’m organizing promotional stuff for Flesh Market. The amount of research that went into this book surprised me once I got it all together .

I’ll have recommendations for each topic if you want to dig further–some books, some webpages. Even some videos you can hunt out to watch.

And I Did It!

Though you can’t see it yet. And my wordcount has suffered tremendously the past couple of days.

I uploaded my romantic short to Amazon.


It’s called Lead Me To You–I threw up a preliminary cover  a week or so ago. The new cover looks like this:

Lead Me To You low res Not much different, just a little blue tinge around the edges so it doesn’t blend completely into a white background (thanks to Ana J Phoenix 🙂 )

The lovely Sasha Knight edited it and called it “sweet, sexy, and cute”. *happy dance*

It’s very short–only 5K. I’ve priced it at $1.49 and it should be available for pre-order tomorrow.  If you have Kindle Unlimited, it will be in there too.

Actual release date isn’t until the 20th, because I’m a chicken and apparently a masochist. I really wanted that week to just chew my nails off and pace around the house muttering crazily. Not like I can keep tweaking it and tweaking it until the minute it goes live. 😛

On a side note, if you’re looking at self-pubbing, don’t go for the lowest price package. I was originally looking at that, then Sasha talked me into the next step up. Half a cent more per word, 100% better. It’s worth the cost.

Tuesday Tickle: Flesh Market

Just a quick tickle, because the dayjob from before my current dayjob called asking if I could cover for someone for a week. I’m dead on my feet, and now remember why I changed jobs, lol. Oh, well, I promised. Saturday, there shall be wine. A mega-ass sized bottle of wine.

Gone past 27K now, probably going to end in the 30-35K range, especially considering that every time I go through, I always end up with more words than I started. As The Editor in Question says, “Oh, yeah, your stuff grows.”

A little piece from early in the story, just after Julian, my not-an-agent MC, has been ‘kidnapped’:

His helper took the water away long before Julian was ready to see it go. He made a sound of protest and tried to grab for it.

“Shhh. Give it a chance to soak in. You can have more in a bit.” The guy let him lie down and Julian dozed off again.

Waking up the next time was much easier. His eyes were okay with pointing in the same direction, and his head no longer felt like it had been poured full of cement. Julian surveyed his surroundings. The last thing he remembered was shoving Agent Cheyne in the mall and stomping off to the washroom. Everything after that was a blank, but if he was in a strange room, lying on a smelly mattress next to someone he didn’t know, then he’d obviously encountered Agent Gale.

God, he hoped he’d encountered Agent Gale.


I finally got off my butt and pulled out that old first-person short story I wrote ages ago. It’s cute–if you bought a copy of the Underground Erotica Anthology that was put out to support Absolute Write, you would have read it. I keep meaning to come back to those boys. I even have a title for the next story, which generally means it must be written.

Before I start deciding whether to put it up for sale everywhere, or to stick to Amazon and do the Kindle Unlimited thing, I thought I’d run it past another editor, just to see what they say. So, I’ve contracted with Sasha Knight to go over the story. You might know Sasha from Samhain, where she works as an editor. She also freelances: http://www.sashaknighteditor.com/  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

Finger cover 2And, because I’m procrastinating and my FBI agents are being jerks, I made a cover for it too. In the anthology, I called it Love Underground because I didn’t have a freaking clue about a name for it. I’ve since changed the name, and it’s going to be called Lead Me to You now. Which isn’t much better, but at least it doesn’t sound as dumb. 😛  Ana-bird talked me through some of this stuff, since it’s been about five or six years since I’ve last done any photo manipulation. I think it turned out all right. 🙂 Needs something around the edges though.

Tuesday Guest Tickle: Mechanically Inclined by Jena Wade


Mechanically Inclined

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Price: $2.99






Cal Foster has sworn off men. He is never going to date anyone again, ever. But as the saying goes, never say never, because Josh Gibson isn’t just anyone. Jena Wade brings you all the passion you could hope for in her hot, new contemporary romance, Mechanically Inclined.


Josh rolled up the sleeves on his teal dress shirt and flipped his tie over his shoulder. He took a deep breath. This needed to go fast if he was going to show up on time. Was there a certain way to take the bolts off? He couldn’t remember. It’d been a long time since he’d actually had to do this. It looked easy enough.

Ten minutes later, Josh had four of the five lug nuts off. The last one was causing him trouble. He placed the tire iron on the bolt and pulled with as much strength as he had left in him. It didn’t budge.

“Need some help with that?”

“Christ!” Josh let go of the iron and landed on his butt in the dirt. “Holy hell, man. Where’d you come from?” Maybe it was because Josh was on his back, but the guy looked huge. He loomed over him. A full dark beard covered his face, and his white button-down shirt stretched tight across his wide chest and muscular arms.

Did he hit his head when he fell? His dream man stood before him. Josh had been looking for the perfect man all his life. What were the odds that Mr. Right would show up on a country road in the middle of a cornfield?

Note: I remember when Jena put this through the critique group and there’s some cute awkwardness going on in this story.

Tuesday Tickle (on a Wednesday): Five Alarm Blaze

Just call me Britney (of the Oops, I Did It Again fame). Boy, do I need a vacation. (Not from writing or Tuesday Tickles, just from everything else. A week on the beach with the cabana boy would be nice. 🙂 )

A little more from the calendar shoot. I’m still mucking around with how Seth is posed, but I kind of like this one. (I’m still hemming and hawing about the choice to use the word ‘fruity’, too.) I’m also just realizing how many s sounds there are in that first sentence. *makes note to self* Oh, and a repeated word… *blushes* Wow, there’s a lot to fix in this. 😛

The way they’d set up the rigs, he could see where they’d set the stretcher out in the sunshine. Seth sat on the mattress and swung his legs up. The photographer handed him a pair of black Blues Brothers sunglasses and a tropical looking drink in a martini glass, an umbrella hanging drunkenly off one side. Seth laughed, put on the sunglasses and leaned back on the stretcher with one hand behind his head. It made the muscles in his arm stand out and, when the photographer had arranged his other arm the way he wanted it, fruity-looking drink held casually between Seth’s fingers, the paramedic looked like sex on a stretcher.

And Cody’s fingers itched to touch.

Tuesday Tickle: Five Alarm Blaze

I’m late again! I don’t know if my internal clock is off, or what’s going on. Today feels like Friday. Actually, every day last week felt like Friday. (Imagine my disappointment when I woke up and realized I still had to go to work. 🙂 )

So, my fireman. Unlike a lot of the ones I’ve read, my fireman is inexperienced, shy, and completely socially awkward–at least where his love interest is.

You know those sexy calendars that different service groups do sometimes? *snickers*

“You need to get your shirt off.” The young woman with the make-up said when he walked up. ”We’re going for the natural look, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little subtle enhancement.” She grinned and flapped a hand at his white t-shirt. “After all, there’s going to be all sorts of ladies, and a few men, daydreaming over these pictures—we want to be impressive. Not that you look like you’d be anything but.” At Cody’s grimace, she laughed. “Ah, I love the shy ones. Doesn’t matter. Get the shirt off.” She tugged at the hem expectantly.

Cody put the axe down and pulled his shirt off before he could chicken out. If the rest of them could do this, he could too.

The photographer called Seth outside while the young woman whisked a light layer of powder over Cody’s face and torso. Cody couldn’t help himself—his head turned to follow the paramedic as he walked out into the sunshine. Seth moved with a calm assurance, almost a strut, but not so arrogant. Like he was good at what he did and knew it, but didn’t care if anyone else did.

You could kind of admire a guy like that. Except Cody didn’t want any more reasons to be obsessed with the man than his own stupid body was giving him.

The way they’d set up the rigs, he could see where they’d set the stretcher out in the sunshine. Seth sat on the mattress and swung his legs up. The photographer handed him a pair of black Blues Brothers sunglasses and a tropical looking drink in a martini glass, an umbrella hanging drunkenly off one side. Seth laughed, put on the sunglasses and leaned back on the stretcher with one hand behind his head. It made the muscles in his arm stand out and, when the photographer had arranged his other arm the way he wanted it, fruity-looking drink held casually between Seth’s fingers, the paramedic looked like sex on a stretcher.

And Cody’s fingers itched to touch.

Of course, as soon as I put it up, I see things I want to change. Le sigh. On the bright side, everyone’s got names now. Well, most of them. Some of the are still ‘axe dude’ or ^^^^^^. 🙂

Tuesday Tickle: The Outline Project

I’m going to try to keep a running commentary on how well this works over the next couple of weeks. We’ll see how that goes, too, lol. This story arose from Christmas Goes Analog’s joke name in the critique group–we used to call it Sexmas. I mentioned the joke to The Editor in Question, who immediately demanded a Christmas story called Sexmas. (You’d think I’d learn…)

So, here is a line that will eventually be put into Have Yourself a Merry Little Sexmas. It’s straight out of the outline. 🙂

“You’re cute and you’re funny and when you’re not all hung up on what I do for a living, I get to thinking I’d like to know you better. But if you don’t fuck off with this ‘must save the poor sex worker’, I’m going to punch you in the mouth.”

So, yeah. It’s all my editor’s fault. 😀

Tuesday Tickle: Five Alarm Blaze

Mucking around with another contemporary, which is an expansion of a short story that didn’t suit the market I sent it to. Kind of nice to be back on my old stomping ground, so to speak. I miss the days of making that instant difference in someone’s life, where the tone of your voice alone could change the outcome of a call. Dropping into smashed cars with a blanket underneath you to protect yourself from glass, holding c-spine, everyone working as one unit to get someone out of a bad situation.

Awesomeness. 🙂

“We safe?” shouted one of the paramedics, a blond guy about the size of Cody’s thigh.

“Soon as Rescue finishes bracing it,” Anguilo shouted back.

One of the Rescue crew stepped away from the car. “You’re good.”

“Rock on. Gimme a boost.” The paramedic jogged up to the car, bright orange bag swinging from one hand, and a standard-issue polyester blanket in the other. His partner followed behind with the stretcher, its straps wrapped around more bright orange bags and an oxygen tank. The first medic tossed the bag and the blanket on top of the uptilted vehicle and looked around, his eyes falling on Cory. “You look like a sturdy lad. Come here.” He grabbed Cody’s sleeve and pulled him back over to the SUV. “Put your hands together and lift me up on top.”

Cody gaped at him, then the penny dropped and he laced his fingers together, holding them out like a step.

The paramedic patted him on the shoulder. “You’re new, right? I’m Seth.” He put his foot in Cody’s cupped hands. “Alley-oop!”

Tuesday Tickle: Kev ‘n Mo

A trip down memory lane, to those halcyon days of the first week of university…

“Hi—oh.” Kev grinned, and tried to hide it by cupping his chin in his hand with his fingers over his mouth. “Frosh Night was a little too much for him?”

“Yeah. Can you open his room for us so we can put him to bed?”

“Sure. He’s in four-twelve. If you want to start down, I’ll be right behind you.” The blond ducked back into his room and was back before they’d gone more than five feet. In one hand, he held a card-key. In the other, his wastepaper basket. At Mo’s curious look, the blond shrugged and smiled. “In case he doesn’t make it to his room.”

Mo laughed. “Good thinking.”

“That’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

They made it to the guy’s room without incident, and got him undressed and tucked into bed. The blond guy put the room’s wastebasket on the floor beside the head of the bed, then turned his empty one upside down and put on the floor by the bed. He pulled the guy’s leg out of the bed and rested the foot on top of the bucket.

“Helps with the spins if you’ve got a foot on something your body thinks is the floor. Might keep him from throwing up all over.”

“I never knew that.”

“You learn interesting things living in Bedlam.”

“Maybe someone should stay with him.”

“I’ll check on him on my rounds, and get the other RA to do the same. Hopefully his roommate isn’t in the same condition.”

“He looked a lot steadier when I left.”

“Good. One’s enough.”

They left, closing the door behind them. Mo held out his hand. “We’ve already kind of met, but I’m Mo.”
“I’m Kevin. Kev, actually.” He shook Mo’s hand. “I’m sorry, where did we meet?”

“You got me checked in here, the first day.”

“Oh, right, sorry. We see a lot of first years that first day. So, nice to meet you again.”

I’m suffering from a serious temptation to put the beer tree in.

Oh, why not? 😀