Coming Soon (or Sometime…)

Flesh Market: Leo went undercover with a human trafficking ring six months ago. The ring is bigger than the Bureau thought, though, and until he can find the files he needs, he’s stuck. Problem is, the very qualities that make him a good Bureau agent bring him under suspicion with the ring. When he asks for help, the Bureau sends a young looking intern to play the part of Leo’s victim. And Julian’s arrival sets off a chain of events that will change everything.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Sexmas: Thilo’s all alone for Christmas. His friends order him a stripper as a gag gift, but a major storm keeps the two men trapped in Thilo’s apartment for days, while the sexual tension simmers, and tempers go ballistic. Carter’s fine with stripping for a living; Thilo’s always been taught that sex workers are victims that need to be saved. But when they aren’t fighting about how Carter makes his living, they get on like a house on fire.  They have three stormy days to figure out if this can be more than just Sexmas.

Bite Me, Furface!: Connor wants to be a werewolf. Specifically, Glyn’s werewolf. He’ll take Levi, too, if he can get him. But Glyn is hard to get and Levi both frightens and arouses Connor by turns. He can tell there’s something going on that he doesn’t know about, but what is it? A man could give up, at this rate, if it wasn’t for the occasional hungry look he spotted on Glyn’s face. Or is that just the wolf peeking out?

Rise of the Alpha Squirrel: Nathan and Vince are settling into semi-domestic bliss. But Vince has never met any of Nathan’s shifter friends, and Nathan’s worried about what would happen when Vince realizes just how weird other shifters are, and when other shifters realize that Vince is totally cool with people who have more than one shape. He needs time to prepare his boyfriend, but fate has other ideas in mind.

Glory: A genderfluid angel whose smart mouth and independent attitude have gotten him into trouble more often than he can remember is sent to Earth to right a wrong and expose a hidden agenda. And if smoothing the path of two would-be lovers happens along the way, who is he to complain?

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