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Moving Day–For the Website!

I decided this year to move to a self-hosted website. Free WordPress has been great and I definitely can recommend it, but there were functionalities that I wanted which weren’t available in the free version.

So, from now on, you can find me at, where I’ll pretty much be doing the same thing as I did here. 🙂

Have a pretty for your trouble…


Flesh Market has left the building!

tumblr_m53u75T74E1qzx74yo1_500 I tidied up the word files today, attached the manuscript and the synopsis to an email, and sent them both flying off to The Editor in Question.

Now I don’t know what to do with myself.

I pretty much ate, drank, and slept FM for the past three months. It feels very strange not to be immersed in that world. Breaking free of those emotions isn’t going to be easy, especially where the story ends on more of a HFN than a HEA. (Don’t worry, I have more in store for those boys, including a resolution to something that is still troubling Julian at the end of FM.)

I did find an excellent video of a hip hop routine that I’m going to use for inspiration for the Christmas story, and while lazing around in the bathtub, I’ve started patting a scene into shape that will be based off of it. Maybe I’ll do a bit of that tonight. Or maybe I’ll just watch reruns of Game of Thrones.

Or I could do housework.

Who am I kidding? Where’s the popcorn.

Holy Smokes, It’s Hot Around Here!

Of course, that’s all relative–I do live in the frozen north. But they’re talking about 27 degrees celcius tomorrow, which is about 85 farenheit? And humidity. (And all my Southern friends are laughing hysterically at me at this very instant.)

It’s also hot because I need to get my entry ready for the Sex Scene Championship over at Scorching Reviews.

 Scorching Book Reviews

In case you’re wondering, the Sex Scene Championship is an elimination-style, knock down, drag out fight to the finish between all our best naughty bits. There’s hetero and gay both, so no matter what you like to read, you can guarantee a rousing good time. (Or should that be ‘an arousing good time’?)

I’m seriously thinking about putting in a scene from Flesh Market, but I need to lock down the title before I can. I don’t have an official okay from a publisher yet on it, so there’s still the potential for them to decide it’s too similar to another title that’s out there and that it would get confused with it. I’ve shot off an email to The Editor in Question to see how we handle this. I hope to hear back soon.

In the meantime, two of my betas have gotten back to me, which means my mini-vacation is over. 39 chapters–4 days. Only one will survive.

I hope it’s the story.

Conversations With My Editor

I sent her a link to a video. This is what happened:

hiphop bunny tweetsThis was the video. The young man in question is Darrion Gallegos (what a great way to spell it!). Plaid Cheap Trick shirt.

(She later said: ” I will die if you don’t give it to me. And I will die LOUDLY.” See what I put up with?)

Revision Helper

20150702_173101Yeah, he was a lot of help. 😛  Funny how sitting down at the computer makes you a target for all sorts of stuff. Like lap attacks, and pats, snuggles. 🙂

First draft of Flesh Market is done and now I’m doing revisions before I send it off to beta readers. They’ll have a week and a half to get it back to me and then I’ll have a week to make all my fixes and send it off to The Editor in Question.

Getting very excited to press Send on this one.

Conversations with My Editor

My Christmas story is about a stripper. I had this conversation with my editor the other day.

Me: I’ve decided I need to watch Magic Mike, because it’s research.

Editor: I strongly support this level of dedication.

Me: It’s a sacrifice I must make for my art.

Editor: You’re my hero.

On a totally unrelated, but very cool, note, WordPress has a rainbow banner across their Admin panel. 🙂

The State of the Flesh Market :P

I shot off a preliminary copy of the synopsis for Flesh Market to The Editor in Question. She got back to me the other day to say that the synopsis alone took her on an emotional rollercoaster.  I feel much better about this story in the overall, thought the technical stuff is still giving me nervous twitches. But that’s what beta readers are for, right?

So this is where I stand now: (Click the picture to make it bigger)

Crossing 50KAs you can see, I’m continuing the tradition of not having a clue how long a story will run.  I am really liking Scrivener, because of the ease of moving bits and pieces around. I know I need to split a chapter there down at the bottom, just have to come up with a name for the folder and then I can move the appropriate scenes into it.

Writing some fairly dark stuff again right now. It makes me cranky. I’m sending the kid to stay with her cousins for a week, so she doesn’t have to put up with me.

Five more days and it goes to beta… And then I have a week to pull together the blog posts and get my head into the Christmas spirit.  This is going to be a real rollercoaster of a fall, going back and forth between Flesh Market and its dark themes, and Have Yourself a Merry Little Sexmas, with it’s silliness and very mild angst. I still have the squirrel to finish, and then I can get back to working on some new things.

It’s going to be an exciting year. 🙂