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Chuck Wendig lists 25 Reasons Why He Hates Your Main Character

I’ll leave it to you guys to click over and read it here. I’ll be paging frantically through my manuscripts hoping not to find any of these characters.

A word of warning: do not be drinking your morning coffee while you read this list. My computer is well caffeinated now. (should I send that idea to ThinkGeek–a caffeinated computer? They have all sorts of other weird stuff with caffeine in it.)

Hubs thinks we have a kestrel living, not in the woods below the house, but in the eave over the kitchen window. I must investigate…if I don’t come back, you know the kestrel won.

I Love A Man Who Can Poke Fun at Himself

Watch the whole thing. Trust me, you’ll never guess the twist at the end.

It was only a matter of time…





I knew, someday, I would turn on the computer and see something like this (click on the picture to see where you can buy this).

But it’s ok, really, because then I found this:


I mean, who doesn’t want Bill Murray on their wall in full Napoleonic gear? (I think it’s Napoleonic–anyone care to correct me?)


And, the name of the website? . Best. Name. Ever.



And WOOT! Wrote over 2000 words today and finished the rough draft of Nuts About You! The rest went on Knight (and you have no idea how big a relief that was–I was dreading this scene, because I had no idea how it was going to turn out. Phew!) I’ll update the progress bar in a bit.