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Levi and Glyn and the aftermath of that fateful spring night. They’ve survived the pack, but now, can they survive the in-laws?

Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me Furface

It’s been a weird week, what with revisions and adding a whole heaping pile of word to Bite Me Tender. I can’t say I’ve gotten a whole lot of wordage done, which makes me cranky, which results in this:


I think I got him in the eye, which is awesome, considering I haven’t shot in about 6 months and I can feel it in my left shoulder already after only taking 30 pokes at the little prince. But I feel better now and once I have coffee, I will be FANTASTIC!

So, remember the last time I posted a little Furface for you? And we figured out that Glyn can talk to the werewolves’ wolves? Does it surprise anyone that Glyn’s wolf has an attitude on him that could fill the Grand Canyon?

Glyn leapt off him (Levi), the sudden cramp in his gut at the separation a pale echo of the pain in his heart. He rounded the corner into the hallway at full speed, his bare feet sure on the old wood boards, and raced up the stairs. Hi wolf whined and circled nervously inside him.

Shut the fuck up. I don’t want to talk about it.

He slammed their bedroom door behind him, the bang so loud it hurt his ears.

:That’s very helpful.:

Shut up, wolf.

The wolf sniffed and went silent, but even its silence spoke volumes. It didn’t think Connor was an issue.

Yeah, and I’m going to just leave you with that. This is going to be a fun book. 😀

Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me, Furface!

I’m officially at 50% of my guesstimate on Furface. (Of course, we all know how accurate that probably is.) I thought I’d celebrate that with a few lines from chapter one, tentatively titled ‘Rattling Cages’. A little bit of Glyn being Glyn, for your entertainment.

It’s Date Night:

The waitress sat them at their usual table, a small one near the back, where Glyn’s hijinks usually went unnoticed. She offered them menus-which they didn’t need but ended up with anyway-accepted their order for beer, and went back to her rapid to and fro between the kitchen and the diners.

Levi had hardly put the menus aside before it started. A sock clad foot made its stealthy way up the inside of his calf, pausing to circle his kneecap, before beginning a slow journey along his inner thigh. Levi sipped at his water and pretended not to notice, just as Glyn pretended that nothing untoward was going on underneath the table.

“Did you want to rent a movie to watch tonight?” Glyn asked, all innocence. The foot crept another inch up Levi’s leg.

“It’s starting to get cold at night. I want to get a bit of wood put in the basement, split some of that big stuff to fit the woodstove.” He watched Glyn’s eyes grow big, but any response the other man would have made was short-circuited by the return of the waitress with their beer. Gotcha!

Steak and Beer and the May wordcount

‘Cause my brain has run off with my muse to do nasty things, so there’s nothing left to do except drink beer and eat steak. And ice cream. But looky, I did have words this month…

May Word counts 2013

I’ll admit that most of them were like pulling teeth, with all the interruptions I had. Hopefully June will be more settled. I’m almost halfway through my estimated word count for Furface and I think I will write the full moon scene tonight. After I finish off the scene where Glyn…oops! Almost let that one slip! Trust me, it will be so worth the wait.

Goodreads hasn’t told me yet when Sign of Spring will be out yet. It comes out in a thread in the group first, then the downloads are available at a later date. There’s a few stories out right now–incredible work going on here. I totally got sucked into Kaje’s, so you should go read that. Here’s a link to the folder where the stories are being posted. Don’t forget to leave a message for the author!

And I wonder why I have an inferiority complex.

My Summer Office

I officially moved into my ‘summer office’ today. This is the view from my floor-to-ceiling ‘window’:


That’s right–I’m out on the back deck. And it was a total surprise, because it’s supposed to rain buckets today. Instead, it was sunny enough to get a bit more of the lawn cut with the reel-mower and to entice me outside. Only real issue, beside freak rainshowers, is the weak internet connection. Meh, I’ll live.

Maybe I’ll get a little more done now.

Bonus image: Old Man Pony eating cake, just because it’s so darn cute!


Put another 2,000 words on Bite Me Tender between yesterday and today. Now, to add a bit more to the steampunk.

Fun with Werewolves

I’m developing a pattern with these two projects. Work on the Boyler Room one day, work on Furface the next.

Today was a very wolfish day. I’m learning lots about Connor, who was more a plot device in the last book than a full-fledged character. He seems to be coming into his own in this one and, I think, will be more than a match for Glyn. For all his easy-going manner, he wants what he wants and he’ll smile and bat his eyelashes, make suggestive remarks, and dig his heels in until he gets it.

Gonna be fun to watch the seduction. 😀

Just over 1000 words today on that one story and probably more, but I’ve updated the progress bars with the numbers I have right now, since I don’t know if I’ll have time later. It would be nice to finish this by the end of the month and start running it through the crit group for the summer.

Tomorrow, I have to decide if I’m going to write the introduction of Gideon’s brother Asa into the story or something else. If I’m feeling particularly creative, I might try to write the dance routine where Gideon and Lee first see each other. I started their first love scene last night–it’s very sweet, which surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that, but now I’m intrigued. Here’s hoping you will all be, whenever it’s done. 😛

And the 10,000 to 14,000 word stories from Goodreads

There’s mine, in the blue!!  Getting excited, and nervous. It’s the usual “What if they hate it?” multiplied by the 10,000 members in the group. At least with a publisher, only one person sees how much you suck.

Contemporary – 10,300
* , m/m/m , athlete , college , first-time , bullying , homophobia ,

Contemporary – 10,500
* , cop , blue collar , lawyer , men with pets , family drama , finding a family ,

Contemporary – 11,000
* , friends to lovers , hurt/comfort , cute , accident prone MC , unethical boss , college internship , HEA

Contemporary – 11,200
* , first time , coming out , disabilities , men with pets , over age 40 , ,

Paranormal – 12,000
* , college , barely legal , public activity , shifters , interspecies , soul mates/bonded

Contemporary – 12,200
* , Young Adult , cross dressing , coming of age , , , , , , ,

Contemporary – 12,800
* , fraternity , college , in the closet , gymnast , athlete , masturbation , geek , nerd , virgin , new adult

Historical – 13,200
* , military , bdsm , age-gap , oral , anal , , , ,

Contemporary – 13,200
* mention of suicide , new adult , first time , coming of age , friends to lovers , reunited , YA characters , , , ,

Historical – 13,200
* , time travel , sideshow , snakes , magic , phychic ability , antropomorphic , non-explicit ,

Contemporary – 13,300
* , law enforcement , stripper , undercover , booklovers , pole dancing ,

Contemporary – 13,400
* , historical , present , brother in law , widower , instalove , first time , family , full life , loss ,

Contemporary – 13,500
* , Young Adult , coming of age , barely legal , first time , hurt comfort , homophobia , , , ,

Contemporary – 14,300
* , road trip , ptsd , outdoor sex , car sex , nurse , , , , ,

Contemporary – 14,900
* , athelete , sweet sex , enemies to lovers , sports , coming out , , , , ,

Paranormal – 14,900
* apparent rape , dub con , angels,demons/gods , spacemen aliens , shifter , pirates , enemies to Lovers , revenge , redemption , ,

Working on the steampunk today, but planning a bit more for Furface. Looks like there’ll be another one after Furface too–I ended up splitting out a plotline, or the thing would have been too big. And, to be honest, it makes for better stories this way.  I’m enjoying how fast the werewolf story feels like it’s going, as compared to the steampunk. I know part of that is the length, but part of it too is the amount of stopping to look something up I have to do with the Boyler Room Boys. Not complaining–it’s part of the attraction of writing, the chance to follow whims of curiosity. But every time I stop to look something up, I feel guilty because I’m not making new words.

Dumb kitty, silly kitty, fluffy little…..

Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries Update

So, we got the word today that, so far, 60 stories have been turned in–just about a third of them. The average length is just over 15,000 words. And we are only 30 members short of another early release! So, if you haven’t joined the group yet, please do, so we can have a sneak preview of the loveliness to come!

Just a reminder that Madison Parker is posting tonight, and that I’ll be posting again tomorrow night on the thread. The next question on the hop is “Where would you be most likely to accidentally run into your MC?” And Robin is getting seriously annoyed with me. 😀

In writing news, despite the flu symptoms that will not go away, I’ve managed a thousand words on Furface and hope to tack another 500 onto the Boyler Room Boys. It’s hard to focus when you’re not comfortable, but we’ll get there. All sorts of shenanigans and Glyn being Glyn going on. And Levi being Levi. And the return of Connor…