Nutty Romances


Title: Nuts About You
Anthology Title: Forgotten Menagerie
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Storm Moon Press

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Blurb: Nathan’s been crushing on one of his regular Bulk Mart customers for a while now. In squirrel form, he sits on Vince’s bird feeders, munching on seeds and enjoying the eye candy. Until the day Vince notices him raiding the feeder…


(Nathan’s a bit of a voyeur, and Vince is in the shower):

The best part was coming next. Nathan took an absentminded bite of the sunflower seed in his paw and hung a little further out from the feeder to get a better view. Because now, the body wash was coming out. Vince’s hand stretched past Nathan’s field of vision, returning with what looked like the Natural Sea Sponge Vince had bought at Bulk Mart a month ago. He flicked open the cap on the almond-scented body wash and spread it on the sponge. Though he couldn’t smell it through the window, Nathan knew that scent. It drove him wild—he stopped to sniff it every time he walked down the aisle, and he even had a bottle on his bedside table. Not to use, just to smell every night as he lay in bed, wishing it was Vince’s hand on his cock instead of his own.

There it went, the sponge traveling over all the places where Nathan would like to run his tongue. Vince started on his neck, smooth up and down movements covering his skin with a rich lather. The bubbles slid down his body, clinging in a way that made Nathan irrationally jealous of them. The sponge followed the bubbles down, making circles over the sleek chest, then crisscrossing back and forth over the flat stomach and past his bellybutton, with its narrow trail of hair leading down to—OH MY WALNUTS!

Nathan’s mouth fell open and he dropped the sunflower seed. Not that he hadn’t seen Vince naked yet, but he’d never seen this. The man was a grower! Acorns and applecores! He watched in awe and envy as the sponge circled the man’s hard-on. If only he were a were-sponge instead…

A sudden cool breeze between his legs made him jump and shiver as his own, squirrelly body reacted to the sight before him. He grabbed his tail and wrapped it around his bottom half, so the morning chill didn’t affect anything important.

Vince was stroking himself now, the sponge all but forgotten in his other hand. He grimaced and braced the hand with the sponge against the wall above the window. Nathan watched, mesmerized, as Vince trailed his hand up and down his shaft, palm caressing the length while his fingertips tapped and squeezed the head. He reached down to cup his balls and did something there that made him throw his head back, mouth open in a moan that Nathan could only imagine. He found his own furry paw heading south, as if it and his cock had minds of their own and were conspiring together. Nathan shook his head and pulled his paw back. It might be called ‘spanking the monkey’, but animal form was not the one to be doing it in. Claws, Nathan, remember the claws. Instead, he gripped his tail tightly and leaned further out to get a better view.

Which is when his paw slipped and he found himself plummeting to the ground. No! I’m going to miss the best part! He landed hard, momentarily breathless, but shook it off and dashed for the trunk of the tree again. In a desperate hurry, he scrambled along the branch and down onto the feeder again. A nearby starling squawked and laughed at him, but he only had time to give it a furry fingered salute before scampering around the side of the feeder to the end facing the house again. Oh, please don’t let him be finished…

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