About Kate

Kate Lowell has been a lot of things in her life. She’s worked as a surgical nurse in a veterinary hospital, as an EMT in both a rural and an urban based ambulance service, as a cashier, a pharmacy technician, a farm labourer and stable attendant and, most recently, she has moved into education, where she is now happily ensconced in a position at a community college, teaching all things geeky.

Weird. I’m talking about myself in third person. I’ll have to find someone to blame.

Other facts about me? I live in Canada. It’s a nice place to live. My house is in the middle of nowhere. My closest neighbour is a quarter mile away–which is still not too far away for their dogs to come down and beg for treats. I like to sit out in the back yard and watch the ponies (we have two), listen to the crows yelling at each other and write. Or read. Or waste time on the internet. Mostly anything that doesn’t call itself housework.

You can contact me at katelowellbooks (at) gmail.com . If you think you’d like to try writing gay erotic romance, come visit at my critique group. New members are always welcome.

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