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Giveaway and Book Tour: If I Were Fire by Heloise West

Hey guys, this is out tomorrow. Really good MM historical. Go check out the excerpt!

Misadventures of the Heart


Author Name: Heloise West

Book Name: If I Were Fire

Release Date: September 16, 2015


In 18th century Siena, Count Salvesto Masello has returned home to find the family villa and his father’s estate steeped deeply in debt. In order to save it, he has been selling off valuable family heirlooms, but he is running out of silverware. Somewhere in the villa his deceased father had hidden the art treasures that will pay the debt, but Salvesto can’t find them anywhere.

Amadeo Neruccio has been on the run from the vicious pimp, thief, and pawnbroker Guelfetto, but his toughs finally catch him and bring him to the cellar where Count Masello is selling off his silver. When the count learns what fate Guelfetto has in store for Amadeo, he intervenes and trades the last of his mother’s dowry for the young man’s freedom.

Salvesto had left home over…

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Guest Post and Giveaway: The Back to the Sky Blog Tour with Katey Hawthorne

Source: Guest Post and Giveaway: The Back to the Sky Blog Tour with Katey Hawthorne