And Progress is Being Made

I’m finishing off the synopsis today and sending it to The Editor in Question so she can comment on the general storyline and I can fix any major issues I’m too blind to see before I go to beta. It’s also a show of good faith, since I’ve been a total flake for nearly two years.

Working on this synopsis felt harder than working on the story. I’m at the point with that now where I’m not worrying so much about getting it finished , though I am worrying about keeping it under 50K. But the synopsis was all “What do I take out? How do I keep it from being a snorefest?” A synopsis often is, unfortunately.

The next two weeks will be fun, getting to fix everything I find wrong with the story, then I’ll have a week to start putting together the blog posts for promo.

There’s a lot of different topics I can cover for this story. And I’m really liking Scrivener for this, because any time I come up with a topic, I just move down my menu to the folder I created for all these blog posts and add a new file into it. It’s great!

I feel weirdly organized. Which probably means that something’s going screw up. Grrrr.

Oh, and Lead Me to You is going to be reviewed by The Novel Approach. Yay! I don’t know when it will come out though. I told Lisa that she could post whenever was convenient. It only seems right, given how late I left all this. Fingers crossed she likes it!


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