Feeling Optimistic

33K on the FBI story. Lots of bumps to smooth out, and about 8K to add, I’m guessing, but this is probably the fastest I’ve ever written something. Not counting the squirrel, which went remarkably quick.

I’m liking the end of the case for Julian, because I beat him up a lot through the story. He gets the opportunity to get his own back, and in a big way. It needs to be fleshed out a bit, but I’m wary of adding too much and slowing the pace. This part needs to read at a breakneck pace.

As for the rest of it, who knows? I need to get this framework down before I can see where I need to take the mallet to it and bang it into better shape. But I’m pretty confident I’ll make the due date. (That will relieve the Editor in Question.)

I love this part, where I can start tweaking and fixing. The first draft bit, where you’re just writing it down, knowing you’re making mistakes, fills me with anxiety.  But this next bit, after that 8K, is the most fun. And the most frustrating. That part where everything you fix breaks two other things, and you fix those and something else is broken, and the whole thing feels like the snake Ouroboros, where the mistakes just bring you back to the first one again.  It’s a real puzzle, trying to make it all fit together properly. But I like puzzles. 🙂


2 responses to “Feeling Optimistic

  1. Woo! Glad to see you’re finding your groove again.

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