Tuesday Tickle: The Emperor’s Favorite

Still chugging along. If you can picture this guy:
Travis Fimmel
as a ten year old boy, that’s what Addan looks like in this scene. Well, dirtier, and bruised, and…well, you know.

This occurs after Krys interrupts Addan getting the beating of his life.

Krys jumped down and tied the mare to the gorse bush. “Are you all right?”

“Ahm fine. Go’way!” The boy staggered a couple of steps, then seemed to find his feet again.”Git!” He picked up a rock and held it ready to throw.

“You know you’re bleeding.”


Krys approached him cautiously. “Can I look at it?”

“Feck off!” The boy threw the rock at Krys, and raced away.

Not love at first sight. 😛


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