New Year’s and New Beginnings Blog Hop

The House of Manlove have been talking about all the things we want to do the same, and the things we want to do differently this coming year.

2014 has been very good to us–many of our members were published for the first time, and we’ve developed a fantastic network of authors to go to for help, information, or just a shoulder to cry on when things get tough.

In 2015, I hope we continue to grow like this, helping each other get better and better, helping each other weather the stormy seas of a career in the arts.

For myself, I want to get back into writing on a daily basis. I want to take the time to apply all the things I’m learning from my Dirty Birds discussions, and see my writing take off. I’d like to catch back up on the commitments I’ve made, finish the revisions that I still owe, and move on to new stories.

That would be good. 🙂

But a lot of my New Year’s hopes and resolutions are founded in my daily life–more time with my kids, time to work on the house, and finding a job that lets me have a life outside of work.

We’ll see how it goes.

The rest of the group, and their New Year’s resolutions, can be found here:

1. velvetpanic Heloise West | mmromantic historical
2. Blue Night blog
3. C.V. Madison | Dreamer of Words
4. Alexis Duran | Writer of Fantasy, SF and Erotica
5. Jena Wade | Author of erotic romance
6. Kimber Vale | Come for the sex. Stay for the story
7. Sexy Erotic Xciting
8. Dean Pace-Frech
9. Jennah Scott
10. Amelia Bishop
11. Halls Without Shame | Musings of JT Hall
12. Chris McHart
13. skyejonesromanceblog
14. Haley Whitehall
15. Shiloh Saddler

Have a look and see where we’re all aiming.

And have a great 2015!


2 responses to “New Year’s and New Beginnings Blog Hop

  1. I wish you luck with all the goals you set for yourself. Thank you for sharing them. Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you! And a happy and successful year to you too!

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