Nano Update

As I suspected, day job is doing it’s best to rob my words of their time in the limelight. However, I have managed about 6K, which isn’t up to the minimum, but I’m writing, eh? That’s pretty awesome.

So far, I’m just farting around the story figuring out a little more about my boys. I’m still not entirely sure of when Kev actually starts looking at Moe as a love interest, though I know it’s before Christmas. Moe figures out he likes Kev a lot sooner than my oblivious little psych student. (Yes, I do love irony. đŸ™‚ )

Parent teacher interviews tonight, then more dayjob stuff, but I’m going to try to squeeze in another thousand words before I fall asleep in my chair. Thank God for coffee.


One response to “Nano Update

  1. It’s very awesome that you’re writing. This is what you needed—something fresh to work on, something with no history, just clear road ahead of it.

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