Conversations With My Editor

Me: I was considering slipping by the humane society, since the kid wants a rabbit. I’m not sure I want a rabbit, but she’s been asking for a while now. Of course, she also wants a dog. (I might as well build an Ark)

Editor: Er, a rabbit might be slightly less trouble. And quieter

Me:With my luck, she’ll still want the dog next year too.

Editor: Compromise: a rabbit that barks.

Me: I don’t agree with GMO’s 😛

Editor: Picky. *sigh* Wererabbit? Waaaaaaait, OMG — your weres are ALL GMOs! I mean, technically speaking. This amuses me far too much.


Editor: I can so see a certain witch flinging a snipe about GMOs.

Me: Oh, crap. That’s all I need, Glyn getting on an anti-GMO kick.

Me: Jeepers, I just realized that the post-apocalyptic military gryphon shifter story is a GMO story. *bangs head on desk*

Editor: You’re welcome.

Addendum: We went to the humane society. We looked at the dogs. And the cats. And the bunnies. And the funny thing was that I was the one who wanted to take home both a bunny and a cat.


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