Tuesday Tickle: The Walnuts

I’m bogged down in some serious house repairs right now–new windows in the front (my first ever carpentry effort) and a backed up septic system (not touching that one with a 20 ft pole, and still waiting for the septic guy to get here), so I’m really behind on new words.  I do have a tiny bit from the opening of The Walnuts, which happens on Nathan’s birthday.

Nathan lay on Vince’s bed in absolute bliss, while his incredibly good-looking, fantastically wonderful boyfriend massaged his way from Nathan’s shoulders to the small of his back. With firm, loving strokes, Vince chased down every last ounce of tension in Nathan’s body and left him cheeping sleepily against the soft cotton.

Best present ever.

The bed shifted as Vince leaned forward, his breath warm against Nathan’s ear. “How’s the birthday boy doing?” He worked his thumbs up both sides of Nathan’s spine, until he could circle them over the hollow at the base of his skull.

“Mmmph.” Nathan sighed and went completely limp—except for one part of him, contrarily hard as macadamia nut shells. “Feels good.”

That earned him a laugh, low and sexy. “You’re going to need a shower after this. Get that oil off you.”

“You mean you can’t do this forever?”

“Not if we’re going to make it to your party.”

There went his erection. Nathan groaned. “Maybe I can call and cancel?”

“Nathan!” The talented hands disappeared and Vince flopped down beside him, a frown marring his his gorgeous face. “You promised you’d introduce me to your family.”

“It’s not you. It’s...them.”

“I survived the campground. And daycamp with the twins.”

Nathan winced. “Yeah. Sorry about that. What gave them the idea to build a trebuchet, anyway?”



2 responses to “Tuesday Tickle: The Walnuts

  1. Haha. I love it! Sweet, funny, and sexy. A perfect trifecta.

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