Tuesday Tickle: A Knight in Shining Kevlar

I’m deep into the revisions on this story, so of course that’s where my mind is when I go looking for Tickles. This bit occurs fairly early in the story, on Ben and Ross’s first date. (No guarantees that this will stay in this form, or that it will even appear in the final manuscript. The story’s in a pretty amorphous state at the moment, being stretched in some places, compressed in others. I love these lines, but I won’t know if they are appropriate until I get a bit more tweaking done.)

Ross pulled back and tugged on the front of his coat. “So I’m not the only one feeling this?” he asked, eyes wide and dark in the streetlights.

Ben shook his head.

Ross nodded, as if he’d suddenly come to a decision. “Good. It’s spooky.” He ran his thumb across Ben’s mouth again, then patted Ben’s chest. “Dinner.” He walked around to the passenger door and waited for Ben to unlock the car.

Ben stood a moment, stunned, and then scrambled to hit the door locks. He settled himself into the driver’s seat, put on his seatbelt and was leaning over to put the key in the ignition when Ross said, “Ben?”

He sat back. “Yes?”

Ross looked toward him. “Just so we’re clear on how this night ends, I’m not sleeping with you.”

Ben leaned forward and started the car. “I wouldn’t expect you to.” He smiled a secret smile at Ross’s small “Oh.” Good to know he could throw the other man as off-balance as he felt.

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