Conversations With My Editor

This occurred during a conversation where I was apologizing again, because Bite Me is still growing.

Editor: I’m gonna end up with another 96k book to match hers (another of her authors), aren’t I? I always forget you have ones that age!
Me: Yes, yes you are. Sorry. #notsorry Once we have the whole thing to look at, we can see if there’s any pruning.
Editor: Meh. If it needs to be 96k, it needs to be 96k.
Me: Thank you for saying that. I really do get hung up on length. *coughs*
Editor: HAH! Hey, so long as the length is put to good use & isn’t limp, I’m all for it.


6 responses to “Conversations With My Editor

  1. I had to run and check my book to make sure I wasn’t the one who turned in 96K. Whew! Mine was 94.

  2. Hah, I read this and immediately though ‘must be Zoe’s book.’ (And I’m looking forward to all 94k of that!)

  3. I’m not quite there yet, but I have some seriously silly flirting to write, and a fistfight, and some magical antics. But I’m catching up on her. 😀

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