What 95K Looks Like

I printed this off the other day.

Knight printed

It’s the full manuscript of Knight, plus the two page revision letter. I’m rereading a bunch of my research and my notes, and plan to start hacking and slashing my way through the manuscript over the weekend. I’m thinking about stopping at the business supply place to pick up another whiteboard. When I’m working on something, I do things like this:

notes Bite Me

As soon as I think of something I need to fix, or check, or a solution to a problem I’m not yet dealing with but is coming down the pipe, it goes on the whiteboard. This is the board for the story I just finished. I have to erase it now and start up lists and ideas for the squirrel sequel. The other board will be for Glory, which I need to work on again today. So I need another one to keep track of dates and ideas for stories, something that isn’t on the computer where I’ll forget it. My reminders have to be visual, and they have to be there.

I wish I could be a bit more like Zoe, with all these planners and her new Write Moar project. But my type of creativity doesn’t respond well to that, though I might give some of her doodads a try on my next project.


7 responses to “What 95K Looks Like

  1. Ha. My creativity doesn’t respond to white boards. They become like wallpaper because my face is always pointed at the computer screen. I still keep saying one of these days I’m going to get a second monitor, though. One of these days. I could keep Scapple (my white board), Trello, HabitRPG, my spreadsheets, and the distribution channgel sales pages over on the second monitor. It would be COMMAND CENTRAL! (I think “one of these days” just moved up by a few days.)

    • You totally need two monitors. I’d never go back.

      To be honest, I’m toying with the idea of three, but I think I’d need to get a desktop computer to do that.

  2. I’m browsing Amazon right now, vacillating between the one that’s cheap but with good reviews and the one that’d match my iMac’s appearance better, for $70 more dollars (plus tax) (also with good reviews). I’d considered having three monitors, but then I’d have to get smaller monitors (or a bigger desk), and it makes me sad to think of putting Scapple on a 22″ screen instead of a 27″ screen.

  3. Lol. That’s why I have this ridiculously wide desk. But even two monitors will make a big difference.

    You’re going to write me into the ground.

  4. The editor in question

    Unacceptable. The stories for me should be in glowing red. With glitter. And possibly go-go boys gesticulating.

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