Aaand…We’re Done!

happy-dance-animated-gif-1Finished out at 79, 400 words. It probably won’t stop there, but it was a whopper of a story. It’s entirely possible we may cut some chapters before we’re done, but that will have to wait for editorial comment.

In the meantime, I’m feeling a bit at loose ends. I shouldn’t feel like I still owe words, because I wrote 3000 today alone, went through the manuscript twice, and completely rewrote the ending. But I do. I guess because I’ve never shut down LSB before 10 pm in a long time.

I think, for tonight, I shall have a bath, read a book, and play a bunch of Tapped Out. I’m grinding for cash and Stonecutter emblems. Woohoo!


2 responses to “Aaand…We’re Done!

  1. 3000 words in a day & 79k+ overall?!? You deserve that break & many more after that 🙂

  2. Thank you! I usually get really good wordcounts at the beginning and the end, and it’s like pulling teeth in the middle. Tomorrow, I dig into the weresquirrel again.

    Not literally, his boyfriend wouldn’t like that. But there must be alpha squirrel antics!

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