Flashing the Internet, Updated Status

So, this flash fiction thing has gotten a bit of attention. We’ve got quite a few people signed up, enough to have more than one story posted each day from Valentine’s to the 20th. No, it’s not all House of Manlove, but you have to wait to find out who’s in it.

I finished the rough draft of mine this evening. Never let anyone tell you that flash is easy–it is, for sure, much harder than biochemistry. I’m still sweating with the effort of prying words out of it to get down somewhere near the word limit. People who do this on a regular basis have my utmost admiration.

I’ll post the schedule a little closer to the date, so it’s easier to find once it starts. But right now, I think I’m going to go collapse in a shuddering ball and recover. *whimpers*


2 responses to “Flashing the Internet, Updated Status

  1. I hear ya, Kate. Mine nearly wore me out. I think I just remembered why I don’t usually do flash. It’s great training for me, though. I normally set scenes in 1200 words. This little thingy? Now it wants to be a novel.

    But I’m happy to be aboard, and giddily awaiting the stories from the rest of you.

  2. Yep. To be honest, I’m about 30 words over, but it’s gotten to the point of where I’m going to lose impact if I take them out. Meh. I always write long. Longer than I intend to, anyway.

    Looking forward to yours too. Is it set in the Moroverse?

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