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Happy New Year!

My 2013 was a mixed year. I sold some books, got an R&R that’s scared the pants off me, and spent most of the year in some stage of familial crisis. Still, I like to look at it this way: after what 2013 has done to me, 2014 must have something spectacular in store, so


Happy New Year and hopes for a spectacular 2014 for everyone!

Interesting Video on Surveillance Tech and Society

It’s funny how much of this stuff is predicted by speculative fiction, in some way or another, long before it shows up. The constant struggle between the appearance of safety, the individuals right to privacy and freedom, and the rapidly evolving ability of organizations and corporations to access our information and our virtual footprints, and find new ways to use that information, is going to be the thing that drives the future of our society. What will our world look like 200 years down the road, at the current and future rate of change in tech, in societal conventions, in global climate?

CBS News

I thought it was interesting how much they emphasized the use of our data by companies. And how careful they were in what they were saying, especially when they were being critical.

Belated Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me (Later)

A quick Tuesday Tickle tonight, because I did promise. But I have to run and shovel again, because it snowed (again!) and is supposed to snow tomorrow, then some more on Sunday, then a storm is supposed to drop by on Monday to leave behind a bunch more–you guessed, it–snow.

Snow is a four letter word around here right now.

I almost envy Levi, out camping in the woods on a warm late June night. Well, except for what happens:

Really, running was a stupid thing to do. They should have climbed a tree and waited the pack out. But they were committed now and few of the trees on this side of the brook had limbs that would hold their weight anyway. But if they could make it across the log bridge…

Branches whipped at Levi’s face, sharp needles bringing tears to his eyes.The path back to the brook blurred in front of him and he stumbled over a tree root.


Bryan paused to grab him by the arm and pull him upright again. “Come on!” They ran, lungs burning in their chests, with the howls and the crashing of the underbrush getting closer all the time.

The wolves caught up to them as they burst out of the woods and stumbled into the brook. Levi reached under the water and heaved the biggest rock he could lay his hands on up to his shoulder. “Run!” he yelled, and launched his missile at the closest of the predators, then spun and raced for the other side of the brook. Behind him, he heard a yelp, and splashing as the wolves jumped into the water after them.

I thought they were afraid of humans.


Hello, beautiful!

Still busy cleaning up from the Great Christmas Marshmallow War, but I promise a post tomorrow–a belated Tuesday Tickle, maybe? Not that there’s been many new words over the past weeks. But hopefully that will change later tonight, after I’ve finished hauling feed in for the ponies.

A Merry Christmas Giveaway

KL_ChristmasGoesAnalog_coverlgLisa at The Novel Approach gave me space to offer one more copy of Christmas Goes Analog to a lucky commenter. In the post, you also get a chance to see my poor Charlie Brown Christmas tree, pre-decorations. It’s much prettier now. If you click back to yesterday’s post, you can see it in the background behind the Christmas booze and the hamster.Animated_%20Christmas_%20Gifts_and_Santa_Hat

And in honour of all the Christmas gatherings taking place this evening:

My Christmas Present to Me

Xmas2013Here is me, getting into my Christmas stocking a bit early–don’t tell me I peeked. Lol. Fancy glass, a guy who won’t talk my ear off and is easily turned on (and off), my Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and my daughter’s Russian hamster, who is currently getting rodent-high on caramel rice cakes. Said daughter is off at a friend’s tonight, which leaves me free to clean up some of the mess around here after wrapping gifts. Or, to break into my stocking stuffers a bit early and relax with some interesting British documentaries. In what other job is it research to watch a documentary on Debbie Does Dallas? if only I could find some way to charge someone for that time…

Hard to believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. One last trip to town to get feed for the ponies, drop presents off to my brother and pick up a few last groceries and a gift card for the guy who cleans out my driveway, and then I’ll be done. Christmas dinner is up at my mother-in-law’s and I’ve been relegated this year to bringing the punch–easy peasey, which is good, because my poor brain is done.

I hope you all have a happy holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate. Come back tomorrow for the link to The Novel Approach, because I’m giving away one last Christmas present–a copy of Christmas Goes Analog.

This is the Best. Thing. Ever.

Christmas is killing me. I needed a pick me up. And then another author turned me onto this site. Not only are there some really insightful, intelligent posts on the topics of sex and acceptance, but the link above takes you to the first of many posts, as the blogger describes her reactions while reading the infamous Fifty Shades of Gray.

I cried, I laughed so hard. The commentary is spot on, and not only does she point out places where Ms. James really needed another editing pass, but places where the fantastical assumptions of the book attempt to make stalking and abusive behaviour acceptable within the context of ‘true love’. *roll eyes*