What’s Your Werewolf Name?

It’s appropriate that I should be writing a werewolf paranormal romance at the time I stumbled over this. Paranormal Romance Junkies sent around this meme. I both love and hate these things, because I am forever hopeful that I will find a cool name through one of them, but I always end up with combinations that make me cringe.

werewolf name

I got Scarlet Fang. *cringe* What did you get?


9 responses to “What’s Your Werewolf Name?

  1. Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Daimonic Golden Jackal and commented:
    Hmm…Mine is lone demon. How extremely fitting 😛

  2. Still better than mine. Trade? *Puss-in-Boots eyes*

  3. Im fucking moon moon thats terrific Im the most retarded wolf of all fucking time

  4. Lol. But think of how much fun you could have with no filters.

  5. I got Beautiful Shadow

  6. I got Ancient Storm

  7. Lone Hound

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