Tuesday Guest Tickle: Shoes & Ties

Jena Wade’s contemporary romance releases from Loose Id on October 22, so I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek at it. If you like food and drama, this is the story for you! And look at that cover–can you say yum? All classy on the outside and, uh–naughty on the inside.

Buy link: Loose Id
Jena’s website


Trent’s powerful shoulders pushed him through the crystal clear water
of the pool. Every so often he would stop and comb his wet hair back
with his fingers.

Ashten put his back to the pool. He shouldn’t be watching his boss
like that. It didn’t help, though. He could see the reflection of the
pool in the bay window.

When Trent stepped out of the water, Ashten had to hold on to the
grill to keep from falling. Trent’s body glistened with water
droplets. Ashten’s mouth went dry as Trent toweled down his washboard
abs and muscular thighs. He could picture those thighs wrapped tightly
around his waist, gleaming with sweat instead of pool water.

Trent strolled to the patio door, before flashing him a sexy grin and
asking, “See anything you like?”

Trent was already in the house, the door closed behind him when Ashten
finally choked out, “No!”

Talk about your unresolved sexual tension. But that’s what you get when you mix a high-powered businessman with a personal chef and add a dash of heat.


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