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Guess What’s 20% off if you pre-order it!

The Forgotten Menagerie Anthology!!!! Look, you can see Nathan sitting on dude’s arm!


Here’s the link if you want to pick up a copy for the reduced price of $4.79 for the ebook or $7.99 for the softcover. You’ll notice the release date is now October 18th, instead of the 15th, because we like to be thorough.

Remember, my adorably dumb squirrel is not the only story in there, but you get four other stories as well:
•Burdens Lightened — Angelia Sparrow (@asparrow16)
•The Greatest of These — Alex Whitehall (@alexwhitehall)
•Dangerous Territory — Cari Z (@author_cariz)
•Mirrors, the Moon and the Boy — Avery Vanderlyle (@averyvanderlyle)

So it’s a pretty sure thing that you’re going to find something you like in it, and probably more than one. After all, who can resist cute, fluffy, amorous squirrels? With an obsession with all kinds of nuts? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Sunday Squirrel

Now, you know that this is going to have to show up in later instalments, right? Beta readers, chime in!



The importance of a good cover artist. Have I mentioned how much I love you, April?

26 Hilariously Bad Book Covers

Sorry for the sudden drop out of cyberspace–things have been going from bad to worse here over the past week, as I try to make some headway on hub’s will, and deal with returning to work (and some ‘you will not believe this shit’ stuff that’s going on there) plus a looming due date and a reluctant muse. Hard to believe, Monday it will be two weeks since hubs passed. I keep picking up the phone to text him, then realizing that’s not exactly going to work.

All I can say is, 2014 better have something damn bright and shiny for me.

Sunday Squirrel

23 days left until we release the squirrel!


Tuesday Guest Tickle: Touch Me Not by Genna Donaghy

I had the great privilege of reading this book, first in draft chapters, and later in beta.

It’s crack.


Best $6 you’ll ever spend. (Unless you want to buy Bite Me Tender, too. Then it’s the second-best $6.)

Here’s a tidbit to whet your appetite:

Luckily the room wasn’t far away. His shoulders burned from the weight of the man. He almost dropped him while opening the door and accidentally bumped the man’s head on the way in. Fancy Suit swore and woke with a start, hands and feet flailing. It was too much, and they both fell in a tangle of limbs as the door closed behind them.

“What?” Fancy Suit looked around blearily. “Where…”

“You’re drunk.” Jake had had about enough of this. He pushed him away and stood. “I got you a room for the night. Stay put and sleep it off.”

“What’s goin’ on? I don’t…”

Jake sighed and pulled him back to his feet with every intention of propelling him to the bed.

“Wait,” the man said. Before Jake could stop him, he reached out to place a hand on the back of Jake’s neck. His ungloved hand.

A tingle of warmth went through Jake, from the point of contact, through his skin, and down to pool in his heart. He looked into the man’s—Henry’s—smoky black, confused eyes, and deep affection stole over him.

Henry’s face broke into a wide, drunken smile, and Jake felt himself returning it.

“Stay,” Henry told him and pulled Jake to the bed. “Stay.” It was a direct order, and Jake couldn’t have refused it, even if he’d wanted to.

Here’s the link if you want to check out a longer excerpt: Loose Id
Genna’s also giving away a copy at Book Reviews and More by Kathy.

Goodnight Kiss

Love the emotion in this. There’s gotta be a plot bunny in there somewhere. Should I check their pants?

Your Sunday Squirrel

With Forgotten Menagerie coming out on October 15th, I’ve been finding/receiving lots of squirrel based funnies and I thought I’d share them. Here’s the first one, about a soldier that saved a dying squirrel who, in the end, didn’t die. (Very vague echoes of something that happens in Nuts About You.)

Dying Squirrel

No, I don’t know what the other stories are about. I’m keeping that as a birthday surprise for myself. But feel free to go investigate. There are four other stories in the anthology:
Burdens Lightened — Angelia Sparrow (@asparrow16)
The Greatest of These — Alex Whitehall (@alexwhitehall)
Dangerous Territory — Cari Z (@author_cariz)
Mirrors, the Moon and the Boy — Avery Vanderlyle (@averyvanderlyle)

I threw their Twitter handles in, too, in case you want to stalk follow them.