A Lovely Day for Writing

????????????????????????????????????????It was quiet. The 12 year old was gone to an amusement part with a friend (and a good-sized chunk of my money). I got the lawn mowed yesterday and decided I didn’t need to do more laundry today.

In a return to my more normal schedule, I sat down this morning and started writing on whatever took my fancy. It was a stressful week, for various reasons, so my ‘bad day story’ got a workout. Once that petered out, I was able to map out a bit more of Glory, and added a bit over a thousand words to it in the process. Not that I think that I have the full picture, but I’m starting to be able to see where the gaps are. It’s fun to write something with short chapters again. It feels like it’s just snapping along.

The best part about it all? How peaceful it all felt. It’s been crazy around here for the last little while.

But now, the vast majority of my promotion for Bite Me Tender is done. I’ve gotten a few nice comments on it, which relieved some of the stress. It seems to be selling okay–at least, it’s not just sitting on an electronic shelf somewhere like an ugly duckling, watching all the more popular books find homes while it cries into its kibble.

So, when I sat down at the computer today, there were no guest posts to be written, no promotion websites to be blurbed, no ebooks to send to contest winners. And no worries about whether I’d just cost Loose Id a whole pile of money for a book they wouldn’t make it back on. I think we’ll be okay.

I almost didn’t know what do with myself. So I wrote. And it was good.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll do the same.


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