Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me Tender Cover Reveal

KL_BiteMeTender_coverinAnd all I can say is “Wow!” And “Thank you, April Martinez!”

Not only is it classy, with lovely colours, but April must have spent hours combing stock image sites looking for those models. The only way we would have gotten closer is if I had suddenly sprouted the ability to draw without tracing. Glyn (the blond), in particular, has inspired a certain amount of reverent silence for the accuracy, not only of his appearance, but the expression/attitude he’s showing.

The fonts, too! I have no talent for picking out fonts. I just look and go “Ooh, pretty!” and stick it in there and then squish it around until it fits, as you can tell by the cover of Sign of Spring (yes, I did it myself. Life lesson learned: Hire someone to do your covers for you.) But, honestly, just looking at the font combination, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on a Big Six paranormal cover.

You know, I’ve been pretty darn lucky so far. Everyone has been fantastic. Actually, the whole journey has been fantastic, from starting with my crit group, to these final, nerve-wracking days as I wait for Bite Me Tender to drop and everyone hides when they see me coming because I’m trying to do ALL THE THINGS.

Kudos to Loose Id. They’ve answered more inane questions than I’m sure they’ve ever seen in their lives (I’m a verbal learner–I often can’t figure out the simplest things until I’ve either asked the question or sent the email.), they’ve been patient with my sudden attacks of nerves and have set me to work with professional and extremely talented people, such as April and my ‘twin from a different mother’ editor Raven McKnight.

All authors should be so lucky.


3 responses to “Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me Tender Cover Reveal

  1. LOVELY! Again, I did imagine Glyn with longer hair for some reason but otherwise… oh yes, this is spot on for the rough draft. The font is very nice and I love how the purples and blues blend to give it a mystic vibe. So nice!

  2. Reblogged this on Genna Writes Good and commented:
    Looking forward to this read! ❤

  3. It’s still pretty much Glyn, though, isn’t it? It was a total swoon moment when I saw it. Thanks for the reblog, lady!

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