Wine Review: 2011 Boekenhoutskloof ‘The Wolftrap’ Red

No one believes me about bacon wine, so here it is. Seriously. Now, this review mentions smoke flavour, but when I bought my bottle, it was advertised in the store as tasting of “dark berries, plums and smokey bacon”. Which it totally did.

I drank it while watching Sharknado. Which I will totally go to the theatres to see if they actually swing that deal–I haven’t laughed hard enough to get hiccups in a long time.

Or maybe that was the wine…

On a more sober note (but not very), I have seen the cover and it is FINE!!!! Fine like Charlie Hunnam in a shower scene. I lucked out totally when I got April Martinez for my cover art. Sexy, classy and oh, so Glyn.

Am I going to show it to you?

Nope. Big reveal is a little ways away yet, but not too long. And, I’ll be holding a couple of giveaways, one through the blog here and one through Joyfully Jay, to make up for it in the time before Bite Me Tender releases. So stay tuned!

Oh, don’t forget the Goodreads freebie is up here! It’s a love story and a journey back from heartache, wrapped around a smutfest. And, yes, I did put spaces in this post, but will WordPress put them in? Nooooo! Bad WordPress.

Wine Splash!

Lingering in South Africa last evening as we were sipping The Wolftrap red wine. This is a blend that is mostly Syrah, followed by Mourvedre and Viognier. I will be honest and say I became hooked on the Wolftrap 2008 vintage but felt the 2009 was a bit lackluster. The 2009 changed to an American Palate wine which was overly fruity, soft, & a bit flabby. It made me wonder what would be in this 2011 bottle. I must say the great flavors are back and this is an impressive wine again! This wine has a very vivid red color and purplish on the edges. The nose had a nice aroma of dark berry, violets, smoke, and a bit of funk…. which is usually a good thing. (for us anyway). On the palate, it was full bodied, silky, and a feeling of some nice tannins. Flavors of black currants, dried…

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