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This is how I have spent my day

I’m seriously considering the merits of changing my name and joining the circus as a sword swallower.

On the other hand, listening to this song saved the life a computer.



Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me Tender Cover Reveal

KL_BiteMeTender_coverinAnd all I can say is “Wow!” And “Thank you, April Martinez!”

Not only is it classy, with lovely colours, but April must have spent hours combing stock image sites looking for those models. The only way we would have gotten closer is if I had suddenly sprouted the ability to draw without tracing. Glyn (the blond), in particular, has inspired a certain amount of reverent silence for the accuracy, not only of his appearance, but the expression/attitude he’s showing.

The fonts, too! I have no talent for picking out fonts. I just look and go “Ooh, pretty!” and stick it in there and then squish it around until it fits, as you can tell by the cover of Sign of Spring (yes, I did it myself. Life lesson learned: Hire someone to do your covers for you.) But, honestly, just looking at the font combination, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on a Big Six paranormal cover.

You know, I’ve been pretty darn lucky so far. Everyone has been fantastic. Actually, the whole journey has been fantastic, from starting with my crit group, to these final, nerve-wracking days as I wait for Bite Me Tender to drop and everyone hides when they see me coming because I’m trying to do ALL THE THINGS.

Kudos to Loose Id. They’ve answered more inane questions than I’m sure they’ve ever seen in their lives (I’m a verbal learner–I often can’t figure out the simplest things until I’ve either asked the question or sent the email.), they’ve been patient with my sudden attacks of nerves and have set me to work with professional and extremely talented people, such as April and my ‘twin from a different mother’ editor Raven McKnight.

All authors should be so lucky.

Morning (NSFTongue)

I like the emotion in this one.

Oh! Cover reveal tomorrow. Because I’m going to burst if I don’t.

Wine Review: 2011 Boekenhoutskloof ‘The Wolftrap’ Red

No one believes me about bacon wine, so here it is. Seriously. Now, this review mentions smoke flavour, but when I bought my bottle, it was advertised in the store as tasting of “dark berries, plums and smokey bacon”. Which it totally did.

I drank it while watching Sharknado. Which I will totally go to the theatres to see if they actually swing that deal–I haven’t laughed hard enough to get hiccups in a long time.

Or maybe that was the wine…

On a more sober note (but not very), I have seen the cover and it is FINE!!!! Fine like Charlie Hunnam in a shower scene. I lucked out totally when I got April Martinez for my cover art. Sexy, classy and oh, so Glyn.

Am I going to show it to you?

Nope. Big reveal is a little ways away yet, but not too long. And, I’ll be holding a couple of giveaways, one through the blog here and one through Joyfully Jay, to make up for it in the time before Bite Me Tender releases. So stay tuned!

Oh, don’t forget the Goodreads freebie is up here! It’s a love story and a journey back from heartache, wrapped around a smutfest. And, yes, I did put spaces in this post, but will WordPress put them in? Nooooo! Bad WordPress.

Wine Splash!

Lingering in South Africa last evening as we were sipping The Wolftrap red wine. This is a blend that is mostly Syrah, followed by Mourvedre and Viognier. I will be honest and say I became hooked on the Wolftrap 2008 vintage but felt the 2009 was a bit lackluster. The 2009 changed to an American Palate wine which was overly fruity, soft, & a bit flabby. It made me wonder what would be in this 2011 bottle. I must say the great flavors are back and this is an impressive wine again! This wine has a very vivid red color and purplish on the edges. The nose had a nice aroma of dark berry, violets, smoke, and a bit of funk…. which is usually a good thing. (for us anyway). On the palate, it was full bodied, silky, and a feeling of some nice tannins. Flavors of black currants, dried…

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Damn. Um…A Morning Post (kinda NotSafeForTongue)

I have no words. But, this picture doesn’t seem to need any. *Picks eyes up off floor*

My free Goodreads story is up!

You can find it here. Hope you enjoy it and remember:

In fiction, there is no friction…

(Yeah, I took a bit of artistic license. :P)


PS. I’ve updated the books page. Still figuring things out. I think there’s going to be a dropdown menu, and then I’ll also link to the book’s specific page, with all its info, from an image on the main page. I think, if I do it that way, I can put the series in rows. Should probably categorize them, too, eh? Hmm…

Let the Countdown (and the first release jitters) Begin!

That’s right–Bite Me Tender has a release date.

August 13.

Yeah, I’m a little excited. Like, this excited.


Cover isn’t in yet, which I hope means good things, because one of the possible cover ideas I threw out there was one that would need to be drawn by hand, or computer. And it was, to be perfectly honest, the best of the three options I held up as suggestions. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll love it, and so will you, when it lands in my hot little hands (so long as it doesn’t melt!).

I’m working on setting up some blog posts, too. I played with a little calendar app the other day and, on the right hand side of the screen, there’s a little feed that shows upcoming events. I’ll add more as I know what’s going on.

Oh, and because I love to share the joy…

flypigWe have liftoff!

Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow morning, when there’ll be a surprise and a present for you all!

Playing With WordPress

One of the things I wasn’t aware of when I picked WordPress, is how hard it was going to be to set up the books pages. Especially considering how wide-ranging my interests are. Do I set them up by sub-genre? Series? Free and paid reads? What about the standalones or the anthology stories?

Too damn many choices for a Libra.

Tables don’t really work with WordPress, which I was really surprised to see. So I need to be creative. And just willing to try a bunch of different things.

Apologies in advance for the aggravation I’m sure I will cause. But, in compensation, there’ll be a surprise for you on the weekend. Pop back in Saturday, about lunch-ish, and you should find it. 😀

Oh, and I’m playing with a calendar thing on the right hand side of the blog. What do you think? It works through Google Calendar. I can input anything I want in it and have it show up. Kind of neat, eh?

I’m sure you’ve already seen this

But it’s definitely worth a rewatch. And relisten. I wish I could sing like that, but I’m more likely to scare the crows out of the trees.

Veeeery nice. And I can say it’s research for The Boyler Room, right?