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The Most Beautiful Ruined Moment

On a day when I’m struggling with the realization that a dear friend of mine is near the end of her painful battle with cancer, this blog post reminded me of how much good there is in the world. My thanks as well, Master Jedi.

"Write!" she says.


Dear Master Jedi,
       This is an open letter of deep appreciation to you. I hope that somehow it finds its way to your computer screen.

     You are an actor, and a damn funny one to boot. You’re really skilled at working with the unpredictably of kids and turning it into entertainment. I really hope that when you auditioned for and won this gig, that you’ve been as pleased with your job as your audiences have been with your performance. I also hope that this leads to bigger and better things, if that’s what you choose. You’re a supremely decent man and I’m ever in your debt for how you helped me out Tuesday, June 4th at the end of the last show of the day.

You see, during the months of planning for our Disneyworld trip, I found out about the Jedi Training Academy in Hollywood Studios…

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Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me Furface

It’s been a weird week, what with revisions and adding a whole heaping pile of word to Bite Me Tender. I can’t say I’ve gotten a whole lot of wordage done, which makes me cranky, which results in this:


I think I got him in the eye, which is awesome, considering I haven’t shot in about 6 months and I can feel it in my left shoulder already after only taking 30 pokes at the little prince. But I feel better now and once I have coffee, I will be FANTASTIC!

So, remember the last time I posted a little Furface for you? And we figured out that Glyn can talk to the werewolves’ wolves? Does it surprise anyone that Glyn’s wolf has an attitude on him that could fill the Grand Canyon?

Glyn leapt off him (Levi), the sudden cramp in his gut at the separation a pale echo of the pain in his heart. He rounded the corner into the hallway at full speed, his bare feet sure on the old wood boards, and raced up the stairs. Hi wolf whined and circled nervously inside him.

Shut the fuck up. I don’t want to talk about it.

He slammed their bedroom door behind him, the bang so loud it hurt his ears.

:That’s very helpful.:

Shut up, wolf.

The wolf sniffed and went silent, but even its silence spoke volumes. It didn’t think Connor was an issue.

Yeah, and I’m going to just leave you with that. This is going to be a fun book. 😀

And, the Derail Has Already Begun

Because I found this: How to Handle a Bad Review, which breaks it down into steps. Steps! I love lists! And instructions! This made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

And lunch! Who can forget lunch? Especially when it’s homemade chowder with leftover lobster in it, made by my hubby, who is a much better cook than I.

And I got a new faucet in the kitchen! Because the old one leaked all over the place unless you had it in just the right spot.

And Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries! I’m not normally into vampire fic, but I’ve been sucked in and I’m going down in a big way. Please, please, PLEASE write more about these characters!

And the goldfish are staring at me. It’s unnerving–I think they’re planning a sortie to club me senseless and have a snack. They’re that big. And they’re right by my computer. I bet they’ve been sneaking out to use it at night.

Rainy Sunday Roundup

Plan for the day:

1. Housework, before CFS hunts me down and steals my child. Not that they’d keep her–if you’ve never read O. Henry’s Red Chief story, you should. My life. I felt for those kidnappers.

2. Read, because I have Lori Witt’s and Aleks Voinov’s new Market Garden book singing its siren song on my ereader.

3. Another pass through BMT to fix up loose ends.

4. I need to find a birthday present for my 5-year-old niece. And stuffed animals are a no-no.

5. Maybe write some more on the Christmas story, because it’s sweet and hopeful and after upping the angst and “Oh crap!” level of BMT this weekend, I need a little sweet.

B.D. Heywood, a member of my crit group who self-publishes her work, has a guest post on Beyond Romance, talking about how she got into writing yaoi-style MM Romance. And she’s doing a give-away! So go read and enter!

High Speed Revisions: Roadrunner got nothin’ on me

By dint of gluing my butt to my chair and doing nothing but writing for about 16 hours, I’ve tied another 4500 words into Bite Me Tender. It will make the story stronger, in the end, but it’s nerve-racking going back through, because every decision you make, every change that you add in, has the potential to unravel something that happens later in the story. I’m running it past 3 victims volunteers, whose eagle eyes and sharp minds will be instrumental in catching my pratfalls.

Me, my eyes have started to cross looking at the darn thing. We all know that I’m the kind of writer that stews stuff and tends not to write that fast. My writer brain is a bit on the flabby side for something like this. Fingers crossed that it won’t be too awfully bad. But, in order to hit our target date, Raven needed it back ASAP. Hoping for tomorrow night. Good thing she’s on the west coast and I’m on the east coast.

And don’t think I won’t milk that time difference for every second it’s got. 😀

And is it not ridiculous that I want to just sit and write something, anything, else, to unwind?

Friday Night drive by: Panic!

No, actually, we’re good now. I thought someone had stolen my Margarita flavoured ice cream, but I found it hidden under a bag of french fries. (I’m such a good mom, I stock so many healthy foods in the house. :S) If only I could look in there and find some actual Margaritas, too. Is there a Margarita fairy?

margarita fairy

Well, would you look at that–there is! Here’s the link if you’d like to peruse the lady’s other wares.

Someone talked me into joining Twitter (naming no names, but you know who you are. I’ll get you for this, my pretty!). So, feel like stalking me? I’m not that entertaining, but maybe you are 🙂 @Kate_Lowell Seriously, I could use the laughs.

So, getting BMT ready to go out into the world requires the addition of at least one chapter and I think I’m going to add another one, just to be obsessive about it. still aiming for that end of August slot, which is frighteningly close. I’m lucky I have such fantastic support from the critique group, who are being incredibly patient with me. Hoping to have them help me give it a quick tiday, since the timeline doesn’t allow for me to set it aside for a couple of days before I start tweaking (the words, the words! Sheesh, some people…)

Spiders on Drugs: I Have No Words, Just Giggles

It’s not what it seems. Let it run at least a minute–you’ll see why I’m going to have a hard time prying the smile off my face so I don’t have to explain to the 12-year-old why she can’t watch it.