A funny thing happened…

I had a plot bunny. Oh, it’s not a new bunny. In fact, this bunny is pretty near a year old now. There’s been a few words already allocated to it, in fact. So, why am I talking about my geriatric bunny?

Well, Riptide just announced an open call for October. Now, I know you’ve got to be thinking, “Didn’t she already send something there?” And, yes, you’re right, I did. But, what if that story isn’t right for them? So, as I was wandering around the website, I stumbled across the bio for the submissions editor, Sarah Frantz. And this bunny started waving its grizzled, ancient paw and squeaking, “Pick me, pick me!” Because, you know, it’s something she may like. It won’t push all her buttons (and, I have to tell you, the plot bunny inspired by that list currently resides in an electrified cage, with razor wire and guard dogs to keep it in, ’cause no. Just no. Not until I clear the decks a little). But it will hit a few. Well, one, for sure.

So I’m still working on the Christmas stories, but I spent this morning going over the first three chapters of ancient bunny and, you know what? It’s not half bad. Well, I think it’s not bad. We’ll see what the crit group and the beta readers think about it.

Gonna be a fun old summer. Wonder how the laptop will handle days at the beach?

Oh, and Jena Wade’s story Strip, Please, is up at Goodreads. And Kimber Vale’s story Sticking It is available for download. Happy Friday reading!

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