Lazy Sunday

Haven’t done any writing yet, mostly trying to catch up on betas I’ve agreed to do. Had family over this morning, so we took their little fella out to the barn and let him help feed the ponies, and then we showed him the new hatched chickens, ducks and geese and the new calves.

For those who haven’t been following on the Goodread thread, here’s a peek at the cover for my novellette.

Sign of spring epub

If you haven’t been following the Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries event, you should pop in and have a look. It’s not all unpublished authors. Heidi Belleau, Piper Vaughn, Kimber Vale, Max Vos, and a whole pile of other people who have already published books are involved. Starting June 1st, there will be three stories a day posted in the group. Free reading, and I can guarantee you’ll find a new author to follow over the course of the event. Seriously, try it. It’s awesome.


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