Tuesday Tickle: If/Then

I’m spending so much time on Knight now, I couldn’t face doing a blog post about it , too. Lol! Two more weeks… *Dies*

Anyway, a snippet from the biopunk story. Eli, our hero/thief, has brought the cyborg to a friend’s bolthole. The friend is an (illegal) expert in biotech.

“Wow,” said Marcel, “That’s some high-end bioware.”

“I guess.” Eli shrugged and handed it over. “So, since you’re the biotech expert, you tell me what’s going on here.”

Marcel accepted it with the awed expression of someone receiving a fabled religious artifact. “I’ve only read about these systems. I can’t believe I’m holding one in my hands!” He paged intently through the different screens. “See, you can adjust their responses to stimuli. It’s all divided into different menus, where you set what kind of responses they have.” His voice trailed off as he scrolled along the screen he was looking at. Marcel tapped an icon, which brought up a block of text, and paled to a sickly white after reading it. He turned his head to look over at the cyborg. “They’ve got you tuned pretty high, don’t they?” he asked it, his voice suddenly gentle.

Don’t forget to check out the Goodreads threadhop. Tonight is a double feature, with Eli Easton’s medieval knights and Jena Wade’s cop and the stripper story.


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