Still Trying to Figure out if Insomnia is my Friend

Yep, couldn’t sleep again last night. I hate when that happens–I was up getting something ready for submission and couldn’t turn my brain off afterwards. So, after lying in bed for a couple of hours trying to get back to sleep, around five this morning I gave up and got out of bed.

It did let me add another 400 words to Sign of Spring, which is my Goodreads story. Robin has surprised me–he’s such a dirty boy! But there’s always one MC who does that. In Knight, it was Ben. In Bite Me Tender, it was Glyn. I’m wondering who it will be in some of the other stories.

I’m really enjoying this little thing for Goodreads. It’s fun to just start with an idea and let the story run–you can’t do that with a longer piece and I’ve been stuck in Knight for so long, I’d almost forgotten how I write naturally. Hopefully I can chunk another five or six hundred on the poppy boys today, and try to stick to my thousand words a day until it’s done and ready for editing.

If I don’t start sleeping soon, time won’t be a problem…ugh.


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