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Nuts to You has gone to the betas! And talking about The Flesh Cartel

Which is ever so much better than going to the dogs! Although Erika does tend to chew on the edges of the manuscript–or maybe that’s her zombie king? I should ask–I’d hate to get zombie cooties, even if he is kinda cute, in a rotten, probably leave unidentifiable bits and pieces caught in the sheets kind of way.

We’re supposed to get a storm this weekend. I have lots of books I should be reading. The Druid Stone is currently cued up on my Kobo. Another Heidi Belleau cowrite. It’s freaked me out a little already. And I still want to read more–this lady has a talent for balancing squick with ‘I need to know more’.

How do I know this? Well, dammit, she and Rachel Haimowitz have hooked me on The Flesh Cartel.
This serial has to be the weirdest, twist your brain into a pretzel and make you like it thing I’ve read in a long time. There’s four out now, with the fifth one slated to come out in March.

And, God help me, I’ve pre-ordered it.

Because it’s disturbing. The ladies walk a fine line through the whole thing. The only time they really went over it for me was during the second part of the serial, but they quickly got it back on track. I have to admit, I almost stopped after the second one. But I was so damn worried about those boys–I had to know they would be alright.

So, even though I’m sure the ladies’ ears were burning as I did it, when the third one came out, I was right there to buy it.

Now, huge warning, huge trigger alert. This is not a series for the faint of heart. It will shred your emotions and leave you exhausted afterwards. And, you will want to keep reading. The Song of Ice and Fire addiction is nothing to this.

March 4. And it’s on pre-order, so I get it two days early. Whether my heart can handle it, I don’t know…

It was only a matter of time…





I knew, someday, I would turn on the computer and see something like this (click on the picture to see where you can buy this).

But it’s ok, really, because then I found this:


I mean, who doesn’t want Bill Murray on their wall in full Napoleonic gear? (I think it’s Napoleonic–anyone care to correct me?)


And, the name of the website? . Best. Name. Ever.



And WOOT! Wrote over 2000 words today and finished the rough draft of Nuts About You! The rest went on Knight (and you have no idea how big a relief that was–I was dreading this scene, because I had no idea how it was going to turn out. Phew!) I’ll update the progress bar in a bit.

Tuesday Tickle: A Little More Rock and Roll: Je Veux…

Real life and some recalcitrant characters played hob with MC Hana’s intention to join the VIB blog hop, but she’s finally wrangled her men into some sort of order and dug out from the snow. So here’s her random Bunch o’ Facts About MC.

Last week, we saw John’s sister-in-law’s reaction to John’s piercings. But, how does our young French man view them?

“Beautiful,” he heard Phane whisper, as the man’s mouth returned to John’s and his hands slipped John’s dress shirt off his shoulders. Phane used his tongue to good advantage, teasing John and encouraging him to respond in kind. What had been awkward and almost scripted with Martin became a sensual dance and John gave himself up to the novelty of it.

Meanwhile, Phane’s hands had been roaming under John’s t-shirt, gradually moving upwards, from the thin skin of his waist and belly, climbing towards his chest. John felt it, when Phane’s nimble fingers found his nipples and the rings in them. The other man froze for an instant, then withdrew with a look on his face, halfway between startled and amused.

Before John could stop him, Phane stripped the t-shirt up and over John’s head, tossing it carelessly behind him.

“Waow!” he said, sounding very french and  grinning appreciatively at the small gold rings shining in John’s nipples.

John flushed, moving instinctively to cover them.

“No, don’t,” Phane begged, pushing John’s hands down again. He reached out and ran the fingers of one hand lightly over John’s breast, tugging gently on the ring as he stroked past it. “That’s so hot.  And—inattendu?. I would never have guessed.” He smiled as he leaned in to kiss John again, tongue and lips playing gently with John’s mouth. “I want to hear the story behind that.”

Some days, I feel bad for my poor, rather self-conscious med student. Then I look at my mental image of Phane and plan even more horrible things to do to him. ‘Cause day-um! Yeah, some days, I’m just not nice.

Wow, there are some lovely pictures out there…

Sorry for making you click a link–I haven’t figured out how to reblog a Tumblr post to WordPress yet.

Two yummy guys being affectionate 😀

What can I say? I’m all about the eye-candy.

My response to Rhys Ford’s adorable kitten.

It pleases me no end to find out that I’m not the only one living under the cat’s paw–and it’s not even my own!

I swear, this exact thing has happened to me, more than once.

Kitty, staring wistfully out the window, waiting for the blizzard to end.

Dear God! I’m so going to see the new Star Trek…

Rhys Ford


More of him under the cut 😀

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The “Try It, You Might Like It” Free book giveaway

Author L.A. Witt is having a book giveaway to encourage people who haven’t yet tried an MM romance to try one out. She’s also offering a draw on a $25 gift certificate to Amazon for everyone who enters. The rules are easy: if you’ve never read an MM romance before, simply go to Witt’s site, look at the list of books (some have already been claimed) and leave a comment with your first and second choices. It’s first come, first served, so get there quick. There’s still some on there that I’ve read and can recommend. Witt’s own Nobel Metals, a steampunk story, is still available as I write. The Christmas Throwaway is a nice romance, with very little actual sex, for those who would prefer a heart-warming story to a sexy romp.

Babes in Boyland are also giving away books. Simply click on the link, leave a comment with your email address and, on Valentine’s Day, they are going to do a draw for an amazing variety of electronic and paperback books. Plus some other goodies, including the opportunity to name a character in one of Rhys Ford’s books.

With the winter storm weather upon us, wouldn’t it be nice to have a book, or five, to curl up with while the wind howls outside?

Kitty, hanging by the woodstove