Tuesday Tickle: A Little More Rock and Roll: Je Veux…

Real life and some recalcitrant characters played hob with MC Hana’s intention to join the VIB blog hop, but she’s finally wrangled her men into some sort of order and dug out from the snow. So here’s her random Bunch o’ Facts About MC.

Last week, we saw John’s sister-in-law’s reaction to John’s piercings. But, how does our young French man view them?

“Beautiful,” he heard Phane whisper, as the man’s mouth returned to John’s and his hands slipped John’s dress shirt off his shoulders. Phane used his tongue to good advantage, teasing John and encouraging him to respond in kind. What had been awkward and almost scripted with Martin became a sensual dance and John gave himself up to the novelty of it.

Meanwhile, Phane’s hands had been roaming under John’s t-shirt, gradually moving upwards, from the thin skin of his waist and belly, climbing towards his chest. John felt it, when Phane’s nimble fingers found his nipples and the rings in them. The other man froze for an instant, then withdrew with a look on his face, halfway between startled and amused.

Before John could stop him, Phane stripped the t-shirt up and over John’s head, tossing it carelessly behind him.

“Waow!” he said, sounding very french and  grinning appreciatively at the small gold rings shining in John’s nipples.

John flushed, moving instinctively to cover them.

“No, don’t,” Phane begged, pushing John’s hands down again. He reached out and ran the fingers of one hand lightly over John’s breast, tugging gently on the ring as he stroked past it. “That’s so hot.  And—inattendu?. I would never have guessed.” He smiled as he leaned in to kiss John again, tongue and lips playing gently with John’s mouth. “I want to hear the story behind that.”

Some days, I feel bad for my poor, rather self-conscious med student. Then I look at my mental image of Phane and plan even more horrible things to do to him. ‘Cause day-um! Yeah, some days, I’m just not nice.

2 responses to “Tuesday Tickle: A Little More Rock and Roll: Je Veux…

  1. Inattendu–unexpected. Guessing there’s a bit of tweaking to be done in this one, lol!

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