Tuesday Guest Tickle: Mechanically Inclined by Jena Wade


Mechanically Inclined

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Price: $2.99






Cal Foster has sworn off men. He is never going to date anyone again, ever. But as the saying goes, never say never, because Josh Gibson isn’t just anyone. Jena Wade brings you all the passion you could hope for in her hot, new contemporary romance, Mechanically Inclined.


Josh rolled up the sleeves on his teal dress shirt and flipped his tie over his shoulder. He took a deep breath. This needed to go fast if he was going to show up on time. Was there a certain way to take the bolts off? He couldn’t remember. It’d been a long time since he’d actually had to do this. It looked easy enough.

Ten minutes later, Josh had four of the five lug nuts off. The last one was causing him trouble. He placed the tire iron on the bolt and pulled with as much strength as he had left in him. It didn’t budge.

“Need some help with that?”

“Christ!” Josh let go of the iron and landed on his butt in the dirt. “Holy hell, man. Where’d you come from?” Maybe it was because Josh was on his back, but the guy looked huge. He loomed over him. A full dark beard covered his face, and his white button-down shirt stretched tight across his wide chest and muscular arms.

Did he hit his head when he fell? His dream man stood before him. Josh had been looking for the perfect man all his life. What were the odds that Mr. Right would show up on a country road in the middle of a cornfield?

Note: I remember when Jena put this through the critique group and there’s some cute awkwardness going on in this story.

Conversations With My Editor

Me: While out picking up broken branches under the old poplar tree, my subconscious set out the fix for my issues with the pacing (ie. trying to keep Julian out of other people’s beds, but in Leo’s for a while).

And, it has proved to me, once and for all, that I’m a pervert.

Editor:  That’s one of my favorite things about you.


Tuesday Tickle: Flesh Market

Working away on this, still. I’m going to have to take a day or two away soon, because I’ve been invited to provide some text for Naked Girls Reading. Which is exactly like what it sounds–naked girls reading from novels, short stories, articles, whatever, for 8-10 minutes at a time.

Leo and one of the bad guys are going hunting for teenagers to traffic, and Leo to make a meet with the agent who’s going to back him up.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“We’ll just cruise a bit. Try the parks, the Mall.”

“Not the shopping malls?”

“Maybe if there’s no luck in the open. Can be hard to get them out of those buildings.”

Leo nodded and looked out the window. He needed to get them over to the shopping mall on Pennsylvania Avenue for early evening.

DeGraff grinned. “You’re thinking about getting your tickets, aren’t you?”

Leo shrugged and stared stonily out the window. DeGraff chuckled and left him alone.

And I’ve just hit that point…

You know, the one where the whole story is crap and you just want to trunk it and start something new that will be better and easier and will make people like you?

Yeah, that point. Which means I’m about a third of the way in. Cool.

I think my subconscious suspects missing bits (like, maybe the entire middle of the story, subconscious? could that be it?). No, it’s probably that I’m still so tied up in getting the structure down that I haven’t adequately set up some of the situations and assumptions in this story. The stress comes from knowing that I’ve already started pimping this to the crit group, so I have to get most of it in on the first/second/third runaround with the text. And my subconscious is a slow writer.

Back to the trenches. I have to go horrify my FBI agent and give him nightmares.

Tuesday Tickle: Flesh Market

I’m going to stick with that title until someone makes me change it. I’ve also discovered that I can compile my synopsis in Scrivener, which is AWESOME! So I can write it up as I’m working on the chapter, and then just…compile it at the end. :D   So far, I’ve compiled it three times, just because I can.

I had a really hard time trying to figure out what to post today. I’ve been working back and forth–this book really wants to be written backwards, which is awkward, since the critique group insists on some sort of order that is relatively chronologic.  So, this is from fairly early in the story, a quick introduction to Julian, and his roommate David (who doesn’t figure much in this story, but may have his own, someday). The backstory here is that David is kinky and Julian is not, and it just didn’t work, but they stayed friends. This is the night that Julian’s part in the operation kicks into gear.

Dave laughed, then sobered. “Be careful out there. This scares me.”

“You don’t think I can do it?”

“I think if anyone can do it, you can. I’m just worried about what you’ll do to yourself to win.”

“It’s not about winning—”

“With you, it’s all about winning. Why do you think—Oh, never mind.”

“No, spit it out.” Someone knocked on their door. “Damn. What, Dave?”

David glanced at the door. “Just remember all the things I taught you, before we figured out you were the anti-sub.”

“I know, stay away from the holy lube.” Julian put his hand on the doorknob, then pulled David into a hug. “I’ll be careful. And I’m just there to be camouflage for the real agent. Nothing serious will happen to me.”

“Promise me.”

“I promise.” Julian hugged him again for good measure, then opened the door.

“Hello, Julian.” It was SSA Harrow.

Some bad puns in there, and a weird movie homage. My brain does strange things when I don’t keep an eye on it.


I hit what I would call my first milestone today. It’s been a year and a half since I subbed anything to my critique group, but this morning, I posted the prologue and the first chapter of my FBI Double Lives story. The entire North American population of Monarch butterflies has taken up residence in my stomach. I used to have a sense (or thought I did) of when  a story was ready to meet the real world.

Not so sure now. Although, that might just be having more experience too. I know how something I thought was really good can be met in the real world. I know how much more hard work there is to come.  I know there’s going to be people who love it, and people who say “Meh!”

But I’m so excited to get this part of my life back. It’s fantastic to plan, and partition my day so that everything gets a few words. I love looking at my wordcount rising, and knowing that I’m achieving goals.

I’ve even started planning blog posts, for the days leading up to release, and after. I think I’m getting my groove back.

Just take my time, and make sure I hit each of the stepping stones square in the middle. After all, who wants to end up all wet? :D


The Most Glorious Friday Ever

The dayjob is done!  And, for a few wonderful moments, I contemplated all the free time I was going to have.

Until I remembered all the stories I owe to various places. *waves a sad goodbye to wasting time on the internet*

But cool that I now have all sorts of time to spend on writing. But maybe not tonight. Soooo tired…

We’ll see if this coffee kicks in. Lately, I’ve been finding that coffee doesn’t have the effect it used to have. Probably from downing anywhere between 6 and 8 cups a day just trying to stay vertical. (Oh my poor liver!) Time to wean myself off. Do they have a methadone equivalent for coffee?

I think tonight I might have a long bath and read the rest of James Scott Bell’s Super Structure. Sure, he poked my red button by saying that pantsers were lazy, but other people have spoken highly of it, so I’ll give it a whirl.  And maybe I’ll clean up the disaster zone my office has become. Once it’s clean, you guys can see the new computer. But not until then. Because I really don’t want the world seeing the depths of slobbery I can descend to.

So, I have until August first to finish the FBI story. September first for the Christmas story. I should finish the weresquirrel soon. The fireman I will pick at, because it’s related to something else that is in revisions right now. Culture Shift is a ‘pick at’ story, and I should really get back to Furface, because I think I need to figure out some of that before I can finish tweaking the prequel in that series. And, at some point, I want to start working on Garnet’s story. Who’s Garnet, you ask? She’s a very special, lovely lady, whom I hope someday you will have the opportunity to root for. :)